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Doxepin is a psychotropic agent with tricyclic antidepressant and anxiolytic properties, known under many brand-names such as Aponal, Adapine, Deptran, Sinquan and Sinequan (Pfizer).

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I've been on 10mg @ bedtime for a week, my energy is increasing each day .My depression is alot better , it slowly puts mE to sleep(UNLIKE OTHER MED THAT TOTALLY JUST ZONKED ME OUT) .I go back to the DOC in about a week 5/17 , he'll probably increase to 20 mg ..Only side effects i've had are bloating and gas .
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My first anti-depressant and would not had made it my senior year in college and working 40 hours a week without it. It seems people with SA are the last to get help because of it's nature. I finally had to as I was unable to sleep and then would worry about not sleeping. It fixed that and helped with depression. I'd give it about 30% for helping my SA. It caused me to be very sun sensitive and would have a dry mouth and my head would buzz in the morning, but normally wore off by noon. I was up to 120mg.
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Any one has tried this stuff?
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I took .5ml of Doxepin in a successful attempt to help with sleep. The only problem is I'm so groggy and out of it today. I'll reduce my dose tonight. I'm a zombie. I'm falling down a spiral...

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I take 20mg of doxepin plus 100mg trazadone to sleep. It works ok, I eventually fall asleep.
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I hear that Doxepin is the most Anxiolytic of all Trycyclic antidepressants, would any of you users agree with that statement?
I take Imipramine 25mg x 3 daily and the trycyclics have been the most effective at combating my Panic disorder/ Social Anxiety disorder.
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I sometimes take 50mg of Doxepin for insomnia (I tend to rotate sleep meds periodically to avoid tolerance). Overall I like it, less side effects than Remeron or Seroquel, I'm surprised it's not used more often to treat insomnia.
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Isnt Sinequan a really bad med because of all the side effects it has? I sometimes wonder if it causes serious life threatening reactions..

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Doxepin sounds like an interesting medication.

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Yeah, it sounds like an interesting medication for insomnia. Is it addictive in nature?
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^Not in my experience. It simply knocks me out COLD. And leaves me feeling incredibly groggy the next day. Not a fan.

Originally Posted by jim_morrison View Post
less side effects than Remeron or Seroquel,
Oh, Seroquel! I'd forgotten how much I hated this one! That is, until I took one the other night. Was awoken by the phone the next morning and was told that I was slurring.

Both drugs leave me feeling confused, groggy and just awful in general. Not to mention, I usually take them because I have to work the next day, but both make it highly likely that I'll oversleep. I'd much rather pop a few K-pins when I need to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.
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