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I'm moving back to the country in the next month or so. Been living in a town of around 1000 people for the last three years. The new place is a little over five miles outside a town of 7000. Good sized yard, not many other houses around, lots of woods around, and a large lake nearby. Best part is it'll cut my work commute down from one hour to twenty minutes.
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Originally Posted by Paul View Post
That only happens to me in flat places. Good 3D terrain never gets boring.

I feel like I may not be that much of a nature person, but I feel like I should be, if that makes any sense. But I don't actually think I am. Which surprises me.

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Originally Posted by SplendidBob View Post
I think I would like to move to a city for a bit hah. Always been in the countryside.

What actually happens, in the countryside, is you get bored of the local scenery, because you live there, so you just stay indoors. Or that's what happens to me anyway. Be nice to walk around a city especially if it has interesting shops and so on.

I get the appeal though, but I would pick a busier place, but still one that isn't ugly. Its low priority for me though, tbh.
That sort of happens in the city too mate. I grew up in Sydney - reasonable size city (about 5 million) and I always just took for granted going over the Harbour Bridge and the harbour in general. If you see it every day or often you hardly even think about it. It was only after we moved down here to Melbourne that I'd go back and love to walk around the harbour etc and realise how beautiful it is.

The only time I've lived in the country was in Germany - in Black Forest, for about 10 months. Very pretty place but a bit quiet. Used to take little side trips over to London so I could watch the telly and actually understand what they were saying.
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I'm not outdoorsy at all, I just like the quiet and a nice buffer between myself and other people.
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I like to go to cities to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. I live outside of town and like it out here. Only thing is it feels like you're wasting gas if you go to town other than work and necessities.
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I like the thought of it but have no practical survival skills and like being comfortable. Hikes and walks suffice I guess. I wonder if I would be less of a mental wreck though if occupied with physical labor and the sensory stimulus of sun, wind and rain and all that. When I was little I spent as much time outdoors as I could.
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If ticks and tick-borne diseases didn't exist, I would spend more time in forests but I don't think I would want to live there.

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I love to keep myself away from the pollution and noise, therefore I live in a small town where birds chirp and silence is everywhere.
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If i could i would, at least for a while. Too bad nature here means big ants, mosquitos, centipedes and non stop sweating.

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a bunch of my childhood was spent living out in the country. it's very isolating for a child. but yeah it is quite beautiful. and we dont have poisonous anything here really. when I lived in a big city there was a train that could take me to within a 40 min walk from the forest. I miss it a bit. I liked camping out there on my own. i really miss being able to get away from people so easily. it's a 3 hour cycle from here to the nearest campsite but I've not tried it yet, that's a bit too much effort. there are places I can go for a walk etc though. and this is a pretty nice city with a river and big parks etc. just down my road there are a couple of cows and sheep lol.

but yeah I'm not going to work in animal agriculture industry and I'm anti-car so it's never going to be easy for me to live in the country though I fantasis about it often lol.

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Humans used to live in nature. We adapted the nature to our needs, by transforming what's around.
After all, with what's going on in the world right now and how society is reacting to it, moving in nature would be very beneficial for mental health.
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I prefer a good balance of city life and country life. It's nice having access to all of the exciting things to do and diverse food options and bars. But it takes a toll on me sometimes. SA makes human interaction a bit more stressful, so I also enjoy spending time outdoors in rural areas where the pace of life is much slower. I need some place to escape to.
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