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Trying to separate my two hamsters from fighting after my dad thought it'd be a good idea to put them together.


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falling of my bike

actually thought this would be about emotional scars lol

I wrote of instead of off by accident but it's also more correct.

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Yea.. no physical scars. Except for this not very noticeable scar on my thumb which came from handling a knife as a kid. I don't remember it. My brother has stated that I wanted some cheese and tried to cut a slice. I must've been 4 or 5. :shrug
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An eyelid scar from a rat bite. Not noticeable unless you know to look for it.

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A bunch from being scratched by my bigsister.
One from the same sister half-accidentally cutting my elbow open with a knife (half because she was still intentionally flinging it. I think she got scared of it (I didn't tell on her but just gave a general explanation to mom who took me to the hospital to get patched up), as she never tried to mess with me after that. Also a part of it was my fault, since I didn't really have rational sense of danger yet, due to being like 16... (I could've lost an eye instead or something... I could just have walked away instead...) (We are alright as adults, and get along just fine)

one in the face from being kicked by my classmate who were visiting (small school, and our siblings were in same grades so they were all at our place - my classmate tried to kick her sister, and accidentally kicked me instead, and I hit the corner of my eye into a sharp corner of a table... It was like 0.5cm from taking my eye out xD.. The scar is directly under the lower eyelid)

On top of those 'more visible ones', I have a bunch around, part from working (I had to keep the house warm at winters, which meant I had to heat the fireplace and take care of that - resulted in a burn every now and then..), and part from just being an idiot.

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Climbing a chain link fence, slipping and getting my arm sliced open by the twisted wires at the top of the fence.
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It's faded a lot since but I have a scar on my neck from where a tumor was removed when I was 4 or 5 (Non-cancerous thankfully!)

Speaking of scars just under a year ago I took a first aid course for work and one of the exercises involved treating the area around a pen dot so when she came over to mark a spot I commented "Pick a spot, any spot! You can play connect the dots!" Suffice to say my forearms have a LOT of burn scars lol!

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I underwent open-heart surgery when I was five. Surgeons cracked my sternum in half to sew a hole that existed on the surface of my heart. They fused the sternum back together with metal stitches. I've had a keloid scar on my chest ever since. If this sounds traumatic, it really wasn't, or at least, not that I recall now. I remember very little about the experience, being so young. I do vaguely remember the stitches exerting pressure (not painfully) on my sternum, but that's about it.
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Its on the side of my knee about 3 inches long, someone came flying into me with footy studs high when I was playing football/soccer as a kid

Since then I have about 5 on my left arm after falling down some stairs and busting up my left elbow.

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