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Where did your childhood scar come from?

Mine came from being tripped up by my brother at my grandma's on my forehead.
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I put my arm through a piece of glass and it cut me pretty badly.
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My mother burned the back of my hand on the stove eye to teach me that the stove was hot.

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From childhood
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From my adulthood, I'm still a child at heart

Edit: all KIDding aside I do have a scar above my brow that's from my childhood. I forget where it came from. I was too young to remember, but I guess I fell on something?

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I have one on my tailbone from falling off my bike. I was trying to get up a steep incline, only to lose strength partway through. The slide backward as my legs turned to jello was a helpless feeling

I also have one on my forehead because another girl pushed me, and I fell onto the corner of a table. Somehow it imprinted a dent into my skin that never went away.
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While doing homework for kindergarten (pretty sure it had to do with mathematics...maybe that's why I suck at it?) I jabbed a pencil in the middle of my right palm. I still see the small mark to this day.
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BCG vaccine. My year were the last year that had that before they changed policy.

edit: heh coincidentally:


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One by my eyebrow where I ran into the corner of a coffee table as a child. One on my knee from a bike accident. I also have pencil lead in my leg.
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cat scratches
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chicken pox and acne scars. fun.
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falling from a tree and smashing the top of my skull against a rock. I had to get 10 stitches but was told the scar would eventually go away. It didn't

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My cousin wounded my hand with a knife....It is a small scar.
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Have a scab scar on my right shoulder from playing at the park with some friends and I decided to go down a cement hill with a scooter....LOL. Busted my *** at high speed when I got all the way to the bottom.

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My two front teeth went through my lip when I tripped on my brothers SNES controller and fell face first into a metal bed post.

I also fell down the stairs at a blockbuster and busted my chin open

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You tell me
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The big one was from falling over while playing chasey (tag), and ruined my knee. There's more but I have no idea how I got them.
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Bad long knee scrape falling from bike.

Stabbing myself in the wrist while sword fighting my cousin with #2 pencils.

Cut from falling on my head off of a playground monkey bar.

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Childhood ending when? 12?

Ran and tripped with a pencil in my hand.
Slipped on the ice.
Don’t remember if it was before or after 12, but I was bit by a horse, and still have scars from it.
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Just pedalling fast downhill and hit a stone wall. I don't drive now :P

i'm serious
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Two times with hand-saw in the same hand 4 months apart, another scar due to the slingshot band broke and the stone hit my wrist and many cuts with knives lol.

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