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Weight problems?

Does anyone here have issues trying to keep the weight off? I know we (Americans) love to eat, and don't give much thought to it, but man, that weight creeps up on you.. and no matter how hard you seem to try, it just sticks like glue! (It does with me anyway) I exercise every day, run for 45 minutes one day and alternate by doing up to 100 burpees the next and so on.

I'm even the first to finish out of everyone I know when it comes to food and over eat without limits to the point where I want to puke because I get too carried away. (Yes, I'm vegan but I eat a lot, A LOT of food) I guess it's partly an OCD problem or something.. I do tend to try and stay under my daily calorie intake as well which helps I guess, and I've cut down on carbs dramatically.. and if I do eat carbs, then I try and eat them earlier in the day.

Would like to know though, how do people manage their weight? And how do you keep it off? And what weight-loss strategies have you used that work for you?
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for me it goes deeper then just eating healthy most of the time and doing cardiovascular exercise like walking. What I find difficult to do is maintain a gradual weight loss towards a positive trajectory that I cant seem to find. My pcp recommends me get weight loss surgery but I feel its not the solution. currently im at around 330 Ibs. and prediabetic and if I dont do or cant do anything to get lighter i could mostly progress to type II diabetes. I do eat alot when stressed especially have a addiction with carbohydrates. your body needs carbohydrates thats why it craves it but i over do it sometimes and will binge on healthy foods so ive gotten better. I just feel so entangled with being unable to move past a mental obstacle that creates feelings of emotional mind eating thats hard to refrain from.

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I have the opposite kind of weight problem, I have a hard time keeping weight on. I try to stay around 150 or so but if I have a busy week and don't eat enough but also exercise I lose like 3 pounds. Then it takes like 4 weeks to put it back on, even if I eat a lot. Not sure why but I just can't gain weight no matter what I do. When Covid first broke out I wasn't eating as much since I wasn't going out anymore etc. and lost like 12 pounds in a month. I gained most of it back but I had to eat a ton of junk food to do it.

The problem with trying to lose or gain weight is that you're body tends to adjust its metabolism to keep you at your current weight. You might lose or gain a little at first but then once your body responds and adjusts it becomes super hard to continue. Nova on PBS had a show about this, you should watch it if you're interested, here is a clip from you tube:

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I used to be like 145lbs before I started workout out I was skinny as hell now if I miss the gym but eat the same calories I notice fat appear
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ive been doing better lately. I guess being on your feet most of the day helps. and I like to take walks when I can.
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medication (trying anti-psychotic medication) made me gain a lot of weight when I was slim but I'm trying something right now and my goal is to get off of it by this yr
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I have the opposite problem, it's a struggle to maintain my weight. I have to really stay on top of eating enough every day or I'll lose weight. That means eating even when I'm not hungry.
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I've been trying the keto diet and have lost a little in two months doing some fasting too, well with this diet once ya get used to it you don't feel as hungry so you eat twice sometimes once in a day..i've even skipped days

But can I keep going for long term? Wanna be healthy not diabetic or whatever, that stuff sucks.
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I struggle to eat enough to maintain my weight of 136lb @ 5'11".

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I've been both overweight and severely underweight. For the last few years I've been leaning more towards underweight and anytime someone says "you're looking healthy", I can't help but take it the wrong way. Last year I got "you were sickly-thin before" from two different people and I immediately bought a new body-weight scale (after having thrown out the other one to keep me from checking) to see how much I had gained. You start to develop an obsession with the numbers and it drives me nuts.

My overweight times were when I was in my late teens. World of Warcraft and microwaveable garlic bread. A lethal combination. But after a year living with my friend, completely broke, I lost weight and realized it was something I was capable of. Then I spent almost all my free time researching weight-loss and cared more about making the numbers go down than my own health. It wasn't even about vanity at the time, I just saw it as an opportunity to conquer something which causes so many people so much grief. Then obviously I got addicted and overdone it.

I remember when I first accepted that I was overweight, too. My mum had bought Wii-fit for herself and I set it up for her. I stood on it and it basically said "boy, you fat" and I was like "I guess this isn't that accurate", and my parents had to break it to me.
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I've been pretty heavily overweight for most of my life but I think I finally have a diet that's sustainable and doesn't severely lower my quality of life. I've certainly sustained it longer than anything else. I tried ADF but it left me feeling miserable a lot of the time. A small meal every 8 hours seems to be the ticket for me.
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Ive been running about 12-13 minutes every other day and that helps. i tried everyday but my knees cant handle it. the short time is also greatly motivating, just tell myself 10 minutes and ill be back. even if i fall asleep after getting home i can run at 11pm or 12 am, sometimes ill sleep all the way and ill go at 5am instead, because its only 10 minutes.

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