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training to take out agression

I've never understood this.When i'm really agressive, the only thing which could be an outlet is to have a baseball bat and smash things with insane intensity.Unfortunately i have the good sense not to destroy my things, although right now i'd like to just put the computer screen thhrough my desk.

I don't think "i wish i had a punching-bag right now" because i would probably just break myu arms, and i don't wanna hit a bag which doesn't break, i wanna destroy stuff.

If i was rich i would have a soundproof room, and a constant fresh supply of things to destroy, how great wouldnt' that be...

i dunno man...who knows...ya know??
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Re: training to take out agression

I used to break walls, doors when I was agree. When you feel this way, taking 400 mg magnesium, taurine or both, literally washes all that rage away. No one ever understood how intense I felt. All they saw was unprovoked blind rage and that just made me look crazy.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

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Re: training to take out agression

my sister was also getting agressive whenever she was under stress and I recommended her magnesium pills. After taking magnesium glycinate at bedtime for 2 weeks she says now she can not get angry

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Re: training to take out agression

I have attacks of rage and aggression almost once a day. Mainly caused by in my eyes stupidity and inability of some people and most of all by having to deal with my own fight-or-flight response to stressful situations.

Of course I don't actually act out my feelings aside from slaming doors, slapping down files or swearing. But sometimes it really gets so bad that lately I feel a tightness in my chest, my heart feels like it's going to explode and I feel like choking.

I've also started taking magnesium since it is supposed to be a natural betablocker and hawthorn extract to lower my blood pressure and heart rate. Will see in a few weeks if it has some effect. I also try to eat crunchy foods like raw carrots, apples, nuts at work to let out some of the tension that way.

Once a week I go hiking in the country side in any wind and weather for several hours up to the point of complete exhaustion. That really helps to alleviate stress and aggression and clears your mind.
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