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Preparation H

So I have some pains in the ***

Kidding has anyone found this cream useful for issues in that area? I had to buy some recently. Hoping it works.

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I use hydrocortisone. It works pretty good. I don't know if one is better than the other.

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Is it for hemmroids? Consider trying Diosmin and Herperidin. I didn't find preparation H that helpful.

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Haven't used it after having pain yet but its still good in my eyes, I've noticed some improvements :+) lol..
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No personal experience. Fortunately, this is a problem I don't have (yet). But it's probably (at best) something that might numb the pain a bit. If you have hemorrhoids you're probably looking at going to the doctor and getting (probably minor) surgery eventually. Which probably doesn't seem too minor even if it isn't all that risky.

I dunno. Having a doctor exploring my netherlands doesn't seem like something I want to have happen.
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I have tried it. For me it burned a lot sadly.
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I had pain in that area once and went to the doctor. Found out I had a fissure and the doc gave me some cortisone cream to "apply" to the area twice a day plus he told me to buy some wheat bran and mix that in yogurt and eat it 3 times a day. Worked like a charm. Never had problems since.
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