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Plz help. Cognitive dysfunction/poverty of thought

Hi all, my name is Shiny and I am 31 years old. Im not sure if this is the best place to post?

In 2015 i ended up in the mental hospital for a month for drug induced psychosis (marijuana).i was on some antipsychotic which was an injectable and after a month i got out of the hospital i was totally fine,no more delusions or hearing voices. Stupidly enough I went back to smoking pot (previously i smoked for 5yrs and had great memory and was super motivated and considered myself pretty inteligent),but after smoking for a month or two i noticed that i literally had no thoughts i kept smoking and smoking hoping i would get the same effects i used to get but thoughts about anything.i would just sit and stare stoned. I did that for a whole year

Recently i went to a psychiatrist and he told me i have negative symptoms of schizophrenia and put me on solian (amisulpride)50mg and 20mg prozac. I didnt want to take them together so i tried prozac first and it made me very sedated and suicidal so i went off it. Then i tried solian,first day was stimulating,i was singing and dancing but without thoughts. The second,3rd day were very sedating,4th day to my surprise i had a THOUGHT!i thought hey it would be cool to go to the city and that one day i might have a bf.these are the first "original" thoughts i have had all year. I then decided to have a glass of oj and within minutes i went back to being the way i was without motivation and thoughts.I took solian for a bit longer and still found it sedating and without any thoughts and decided to stop it.
I read online that poverty of thought is caused by either severe depression,negative symptoms of schizophrenia or dementia. So seeing as negative symptoms are untreatable i was hoping its just major depression (have suffered dep since i was 15) so decided to try luvox because my ex said it was helpful in the past. I found it to be sedating but on 5th day i woke up in the middle of night from a tooth ache,took some aspirin and went back to bed and to my amazement for the first time in a whole year i couldnt fall asleep because i actually had continuous thoughts! I was so excited because i thought to myself wow for all the people with poverty of thought that i have come across online THIS is the answer,luvox! I was so happy. I went back to sleep and the next day again for the first time in a long time i had that inner monologue!after a few morning cigs...all of a sudden BAM nothing,it all just went away and i was empty brained staring. I did read online that there is nicotine interaction w luvox. I took it for a few more days(didnt have thoughts tho)and decided that i should try an ssri that isnt sedating something i can take in the morning as i wasnt motivated after luvox. I went to my psychiatrist and even tho i said i wanted an ssri to take in the morning he put me on Endem (amitryptaline). Its good for sleeping but i feel even more stupid on it. I have read today that Endep is an anticholinergic and is very bad for cognitive functions,where as Luvox is pretty good due to the sigma 1 receptors. I am stopping Endep today!

I was wondering if I should try zoloft as it has those digma receptors which i beleive are helping me think,or stick with Luvox (has more sigma receptors?),but i do find it sedating. Or take luvox for longer and maybe sedation will wear off? It is a true miracle that something has worked to give me thoughts.

Any comments about my situation would be SO much appreciated. Over a year i have been sitting and smoking once cig after another without random thoughts through my head like a normal person. I am literally like a zombie
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