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Well, in fact maybe 3 including myself.

A guy I know had a severe flu in late February.
I went to a store at that time and the lady before me at a cash said that she had a really bad flu and that she seriously would take the flu shot next year.
The next day, I get sick for 17 days and got high fever at one point, asked a neighbor as I ran out of meds and the fever was having me think about the hospital. I get to see a doctor who laughs at me and tells me to quit smoking. Then, the world is stopped because of Covid-19, which I might have had and was laughed at by a doctor. Covid-19 isn't that bad but you got to be focused and check out if it gets out of hand.

I get the feeling that I caught it, was laughed at by a doctor, and now the government won't let go off their control over the community and restrictions.
A lot of businesses are losing money, but Microsoft, Google, and such corps are not losing a penny and the isolation led to more internet use which might have raised their stock.

I also like how there are people who may be carriers but the testing are refused on them as their do not have symptoms. Very smart, like most restrictions. A bunch of nonsense to test human resistance capacity. When we won't be able to resist, they will have full control. My take on Corona bullcr*p.
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Zero. But 1) I don't know many people very well, 2) the people I do know all take the proper precautions to not get it wearing masks, not going out into crowds, etc., and 3) my workplace has made it top priority.

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Most people here have limited their social interactions quite severely, and it was never too widespread.
Now the amount of cases has been increasing though, due to some idiots.

While I didn't vote for those who were elected to run our government, I have to give them credit for doing a good job of balancing between sustaining the economy, keeping the virus at bay, and not using any authoritarian methods (They quite directly commented on suggested tiplines, as to being limiting of individual freedom that people have the right to, which, I appreciate heavily).

They have also been successful in making the school system function relatively well considering the circumstances.
Also the press (which, I often mock due to being held in leash by mainstream media of the us) has done well with corona by providing information to people and bringing up issues as they have been spotted, which has lead to them being taken care of.

I think I should go outside licking lightpoles and what not, because it would be a good time to get it if I'm going to anyways, because while I'm a very healthy person and would be unlikely to have complications, I'd rather have it when I don't miss out on work cos of it. School I wouldn't miss on due to it being done online currently anyways.

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3. 2 died. 1 was a longtime friend of my mother.
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My cousin's wife had it in May. She recovered and is doing fine.
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