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Furthest you have walked in your area?

I have walked 3.5 miles in my local town
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8km probably around here. somewhere else i lived I walked for 5 hours each way to go see a friend, that would have been a lot longer.

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Nearby as in starting within 10 miles of home, I walked 16.2 miles a few months ago. But without driving to the trail, only a couple miles. There's not a lot of sidewalks in this town and getting anywhere requires walking along a noisy highway.

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10,000 steps, which I think were all at home. I was walking around in circles anywhere I could just to get to 10,000. I can’t remember if I went for a walk around the park before that.

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Probably 8 km round trip. I once walked to a store, bought a camping set, and brought the camping set back home.

I also once walked 6 miles round trip in Seattle while visiting to go to an Olive Garden 8 years ago since I was too cheap to pay for a bus or taxi. The missus wasn’t too happy about it.
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I generally avoid walking here. In the warm months, it's a relatively inhospitable place to walk. Very few sidewalks and constant traffic everywhere. Have to drive for at least ten minutes to get somewhere where you can walk in nature. In the cold months, you wouldn't want to be outside here unless you absolutely have to.

The furthest I ever walked here would probably be a small park near where I live that has some trails. That would have been probably 2002. If a lot of steps counts as distance, I probably walked miles every day when I was working because that job was all standing and walking (fast) all day long every day.

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I'm lucky that there are so many trails around here, even though I live close to downtown. In October I walked about 10 miles from my house to a lake near the top of a small mountain. I slept there overnight and then walked home the next day. About nine miles of each direction was on trails, the rest was on sidewalks.

Typically I go for 3-4 mile walks on trails through the forested hill by my house. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk there on neighborhood streets and then I walk for about an hour on trails before returning home.

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Around here? I think it was about 3 km - I live on the edge of the city centre so I walked into town one time.

I don't like the countryside so I don't go walking on trails or places like that. I've walked further along the beach up in Bali, I like that.
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I walk about three miles twice a day out with the dog. But the furthest I've gone from here is about six miles a few years ago.
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It is difficult to say exactly when not remembering the exact route and because I've been for many random unplanned walks into the countryside, but one walk was about 8.6-9 miles. So I think that's like 13-14km. I could have gone longer but I had to consider that I wasn't sure how tired I'd get on the way back, and also I had never been anywhere I was walking before and there was some long road I ended up stopping near, and didn't know what the pavement situation would be like as I headed into that area. Also as I started to get closer to civilisation again people were weirdly friendly and asking where I came from. I guess that happens in villages.

When I lived near the peak district I went on a walk to Bakewell once, and I don't remember that well now probably wasn't that long a walk really (not from where I lived lol, that would have been like 25 miles lol, but starting somewhere else.) but there was one hill that didn't agree with me lol.

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Yeah I don't like walking. Farthest I've gone was probably about a mile, back in middle school when I would walk home from school sometimes. I should really walk more because there are tons of places in walking distance; we live in a neighborhood right behind a strip mall.

Back when we lived overseas I walked a lot more, combined with taking the subway. I miss those days; public transport here is so stupidly expensive in comparison.

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When I am depressed enough, I usually go on long late evening walks. Usually anywhere from 6-8 miles. My longest of one of these were probably 12 miles like nearly a 3-4 hr walk. I just kept walking around my neighborhood randomly in zigzag loops and didn't want to stop. I even have to go home and drop off my dog at the 7th miles mark and went back to walk again alone. It's very calming to just wonder around late at night listening to music. Neighborhood isn't big, but it has cluttered with scenic strolling paths and parks because the side of town I live in is filled with lagoons and ponds.

Typical day though, I try to walk/run 5-6 miles most days.

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I used to have a weird obsession with walking. I'd walk for really long distances to avoid using transportation.

I used to go to school sometimes walking
I sometimes came home from work walking
I'm not 100% certain, but I may have come back from uni at least once walking

(these all range from 4 to 9 km)

There was a kind of messed up self-harm reason I did that though, especially in later days. I was obsessed (no other term works for how I felt really) with a novel called "The Long Walk", and I'd often listen to it while walking these distances, thinking of the boys who kept getting shot in the game. I'd also listen to it as I went to bed to cry myself to sleep. I think at one point I knew the last couple of chapters by heart (since I'd often put those on repeat).

The particular audiobook version I used to listen to is very old and you won't find it anywhere. I have the last chapter uploaded on an old channel though:


I haven't read it in a really long time, tried to look at the ending, and yep, it still gives me the shivers:

basically the protagonist wins the game, but ends up going insane, thinking he has to keep walking forever:

Behind him, they finished by shooting the already-dead Stebbins, and now
there was only him, alone on the road, walking toward where the Major’s jeep
had stopped diagonally across the white line, and the Major was getting out,
coming to him, his face kind and unreadable behind the mirror sunglasses.

Garraty stepped aside. He was not alone. The dark figure was back, up ahead,
not far, beckoning. He knew that figure. If he could get a little closer, he could
make out the features. Which one hadn’t he walked down? Was it Barkovitch?
Collie Parker? Percy What’shisname? Who was it?

“GARRATY!” the crowd screamed deliriously. “GARRATY, GARRATY,

Was it Scramm? Gribble? Davidson?

A hand on his shoulder. Garraty shook it off impatiently. The dark figure
beckoned, beckoned in the rain, beckoned for him to come and walk, to come
and play the game. And it was time to get started. There was still so far to walk.

Eyes blind, supplicating hands held out before him as if for alms, Garraty
walked toward the dark figure.

And when the hand touched his shoulder again, he somehow found the
strength to run.
It's kind of less effective though if you haven't read about the murder of the other 99 boys and already feel emotionally exhausted by it.


This book was kind of my [anti-] coming of age book, how I coped with my failure at being a man/adult *. I'd walk and walk and walk because that's what growing up is, you walk or they shoot you, that's the only valid motivation, but I always knew the ending, so it was kind of self-torture really. I knew I was never getting 'the Prize'.

Okay, enough of that. I think I've mentioned this book a few times here before anyway. I just can't think of walking without remembering it.

* the book was written in the 60s and published in the 70s, and there are no women in the whole book, that was okay back then apparently. Some of it is gender-specific though so it works better this way as self-torture material.

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My usual weekend walk was 12.5 miles, but I'd do 16 miles if I felt up to it.
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The longest I recorded was 20,000 steps which I think is about 9 miles, that was a few years ago and I created a blog here about it I think. I typically walk 9000 steps a day when it is a bit warmer, so around 3 to 4 miles. The longest I walked is hard to tell, I used to walk all of the time in Maine, typically in the forests following trails or abandoned train tracks.

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Um 5km away then back = 10km
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I don't walk very much in my neighborhood or the general area where I live. My neighborhood is pretty walkable but if I need to get somewhere I usually drive or take the subway. I will walk a lot if I'm in the city and taking pics or something but I don't know how many miles I've walked doing that. I've done hikes in the mountains that were in excess of 25 miles in a day which will usually take like 12 hours to accomplish. That probably seems pretty slow but a lot of those miles are up and over multiple mountains so they are tough miles.

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