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F a t i g u e

Iíve always had trouble with fatigue. Iíve never done any sport or exercise because it has always triggered my SA so much in childhood. Iím not sure if that fully explains it though. I bought a treadmill around 3 years ago, and even though I didnít use it regularly, it still helped a bit I guess. But since COVID (literally since March), the treadmill broke down, and I canít fix it (canít reach the company). And I just havenít gone out except maybe a handful of times, and I feel that going to work every day and seeing the sun, maybe climbing some stairs used to help me. Now I just feel afraid to step outside, because I donít have to. Bed to work laptop. Work laptop to personal laptop. Personal laptop to bed. I donít want to go out to walk. I donít want to hear cars or noises or see people or anything. I hate physical people's presense so much, so much more now since I've been locking myself up here for so long.

Iím not overweight (probably underweight or normal), but sometimes getting out of bed seems so hard. I imagine my heart pumping and lugging my body around, especially right after waking up and the feeling slowly goes to the background only after the second huge cup of coffee. I sometimes visualize my brain telling my heart to pump enough blood to my limbs to just get out of bed. I know some people don't have coffee on weekends. For me, if I do that, I don't ever get out of bed.

Iíve visited a doctor a couple of years ago for this exact issue and he brushed it away and implied that I was depressed and needed something new in my life. I found that very annoying because I didnít tell him anything to indicate that I was depressed. Itís also so frustrating when a doctor tells you ďthereís nothing wrong with you physicallyĒ when you feel really really bad just waking up is exhausting. (Also, not doing any exercise makes me feel guilty. That all the fatigue and not being able to concentrate or move around is all MY fault and itís such a vicious loop).

I should probably go for short walks daily, but Iím so afraid to start. I imagine the fatigue doubling at first. Having to sleep extra 2 hours at least, being more sleep-deprived and depressed, and negatively affecting my concentration at work (which is really struggling anyway).

Not sure if there are exercises I can do in my room. It has to be something really simple. I try looking up ďexercise for old peopleĒ sometimes, but thereís so much psychological resistance to me moving my body I guess. Iím not exactly sure why. Even just seeing someone moving their body in a video triggers me because I donít like thinking of my body moving in any way (the treadmill was a perfect compromise. Iím so frustrated itís broken ).


Anyone went through something similar? Any suggestions for ďreally easyĒ stuff to start with? Or should I push myself to just go for short walks?

Sorry, I have to get all this negativity off my chest before I think of taking any steps to solve this.

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Have you had a basic set of tests like complete blood count to test for anemia or maybe look at your testosterone levels? I don't see how any doctor can just jump to a conclusion that its because you are depressed without ruling out the usual suspects. I mean he blamed it on depression but didn't even provide you any treatment for that either? See another doctor.

I've struggled with many chronic health issues over the years and I'm not sure it ever once had any of my problems turned out to be mental illness as the primary cause(sometimes only an aggravating factor at best) but that's just me. I have chronic fatigue, transient muscle weakness, brain fog, which turned out to be unknown component of a rare genetic disease I had been diagnosed with shortly after birth but that science had not progressed enough for doctors to be aware that these symptoms were part of that disease until like 2013. Even then I had to show my doctors the relevant research I had found on the topic.

My fatigue and related symptoms were blamed on many things including the catch all "depression" label. While it's highly unlikely you have my issue, I still wouldn't settle for the "it's just depression" excuse your doctor gave you.

Exercise can increase my stamina but it will still be like 1/20th of that of an average person my age on a good day. If you are starting exercise for the first time, start small(even a 5 minute workout) as if you aren't used to being active you'll be hit with a lot of delayed onset muscle soreness that might dissuade you from continuing but be patient and stick with your routine. Stretching after an exercise or using a foam roller can help so your muscles won't be as sore. Start with some basic bodyweight strength training videos on youtube and on your off days just take a 10-15 minute walk.

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Thanks for the detailed reply! I did the blood count test, but I don't recall ever doing the testosterone count.

I'm planning to go to another doctor at some point. Maybe I'll push back if he brings up the depression thing.

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