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How often do you exercise and what exercises do you do?

I walk/run on the treadmill every three days, on days I have to wash my hair.

During the week I wake up at 4am to exercise because I start work early.

I am motivated to wake up that early because I know I feel good afterwards.

I should exercise more. I want to get an exercise bike but since I live at home, my mum will get annoyed.

Also I don't want to buy new things until I get my own place.
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I used to workout regularly. Weight training three times a week, with weekends off. But I haven't done it much since I started my current job last August.

For a few months I was running up four flights of stairs, at least three times per day, to get from the labs in the basement of my workplace to my office. That obviously stopped with the lockdown, when I started working from home.

I really need to get back into the weight training.
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I haven't had much time for it of late, but I am still pretty active so I don't think I've lost too much. I am probably going to go running here shortly if I can motivate myself. I'd say about half of its benefits for me is mental for me as I can expunge some of the negative thinking and toxic thoughts that I dwell on by just letting my mind go while doing something strenuous and repetitive. I haven't been to the gym since February but have enough equipment to get a decent workout when I want to.

You might want to get a floor mat and do some exercise videos that use your body weight instead of investing in a bunch of new stuff. Try to do full body movements. I like mountain climbers and burpees. Yoga is good too.
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Barbells and kittens
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Three times a week the last few months. Was doing four before, but work and commute time has really been cutting down on my free time. Recently got on a shorter shift and will be moving closer soon, so will go back to higher frequency.

Mostly just go squat, bench, and deadlift or close variations like front squat, close grip bench, or block pulls. Then a few extras like overhead press, pull ups or chin ups, rows, glute ham raises, etc. Finish with however much cardio I have time for before going to work.

When the gyms closed I bought a basic setup for home. My old gym went out of business, but I started at a different one three months ago. My new place has a small outdoor building that I'm planning to turn into a full home gym eventually. It saves a lot of time. The main reason I quit using my home stuff is because it's outside in the yard where I live now and it's too hot.
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I cycle every day, mostly for a couple of hours.

I also walk and go for runs on most days of the week.

I used to go to the gym. Hopefully I will go back soon.
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Waking at that time is a proof that you're motivated. It often becomes difficult for me to have a deep sleep throughout the night, it affects my morning routine. But with exercise you can easily enjoy a peaceful sleep.
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Run every other day. Walk everyday.

I really should start doing some free weights. I don't think I go the gym again until 2022 at this rate.

I want to road bike again, but it's not practical since it's not an exercise I can do with the dog.

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Well I just watched a video about a guy I follow up in Thailand and how he keeps fit - that must count for something.

I hardly do any exercise at all - even less atm with the lockdown. I try to go for a walk a bit though.
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i chase ducks
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experimental sincerity
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I do yoga 3/4 times per week; play tennis most weeks in the warm season; cycle and go for long walks. I'm playing around with calisthenics but I don't have the right equipment for stuff like pull-ups.

What I really want to do is lift weights. Unfortunately, gyms are out for the foreseeable future. I'm on the lookout for some weights I could use at home (lifting cat litter bags doesn't work as well as I thought).

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