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No. It typically takes me at least an hour to fall asleep -- even longer if I attempt to go to bed any time before 1-2 AM, which makes getting up early a real pain.

Mostly my problem is anxiety dreams though. I get them almost every night. I think I go through several cycles of them each night -- fall asleep, gradually become more and more distressed until I wake, then fall asleep and do it over again. I almost always wake up feeling exhausted, like I've been emotionally "running around" in my dreams all night long.

Sometimes the anxiety dreams either transform into or cause actual nightmares, and those are the worst, because then I don't want to sleep for several days afterward.

I don't know how I can be expected to function at all when my sleep is always so disturbed. Like I always say, people who don't dream have no idea how lucky they are.

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Originally Posted by Blue Dino View Post
I don't sleep well when I need to. But I sleep extraordinarily well the moment I need to wake up.
Pretty much this, but when I fall asleep I do sleep well, though. Sleep has become my refuge.

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I usually fall asleep pretty quickly after I lay down depending on how long of a post-work nap I had taken. Problem is I have problems getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Back when I was working remotely, I LOVED the 7/8 PM to 3 AM sleep schedule I was on. I'd get up, go into work at about 4 and get a ridiculous amount of work done before anybody else at my work was probably even awake and then just worked at home waiting for new stuff to happen. I SHOULD revisit that, but I probably won't.

Also it is beneficial waking up early in the morning, taking my time getting ready for work, having time to mentally prepare my brain vs. waking up late, checking my email and seeing people needing my help right away, then racing to the shower, race through getting ready and then hyperventilating about people waiting for my assistance so they can start their workday.

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Originally Posted by LostWords View Post
I've taken to sleep during the day, not very healthy, but I just prefer the quiet, darkness and lower temperature of the nights, it helps my mood tremendously. Surprisingly I seem to be able to sleep 7-8 hours and feel mostly well rested.
Yeah, I prefer the nights as well. Mentally I feel better at night (feeling of solitude), physically feel better during the day (more energetic). 'Tis the typical tale of a introvert I imagine.

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Originally Posted by Fever Dream View Post
Pretty much this, but when I fall asleep I do sleep well, though. Sleep has become my refuge.

At least the longer you don't fall asleep, the longer your refuge.

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When I sleep, I sleep well usually - but I spend a large part of the night awake. It really drives me nuts - and it's been like this for years. I have a radio beside my bed so I can listen to the BBC for the time I'm awake, but even that gets boring because I often start hearing the same stories they've run before.
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Ganja is my friend at night

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No not really. I wake up a lot to pee during the night. I have trouble falling asleep and use up to 6 different sedating drugs to sleep(usually 3). Basically a fistful of drugs each night to sleep lol. I think I wake up feeling well rested maybe 5 times a year or less.

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sleep is the cousin of death

Yes I do, mainly thanks to daily meditation practice, and sometimes, as I did as a kid, pretending im in an indestructable rocket ship killing aliens.

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So so. Sometimes i sleep like a baby and sometimes i toss and turn all night with restless legs. Lately there has been a lot of heatwaves of about 33c+ and i live in a small room with no ac so you can imagine how hot it gets. Good thing i have three fans running non stop. It helps a bit, and they also drown out the loud noise from neighbors and cars at night.

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I fall asleep almost immediately. Between working long hours and gym I'm usually beat when I get to bed. I do wake up a lot sometimes and have trouble falling back to sleep. According to my Fitbit if it's to be believed I'm pretty average on my sleep scores, 70's and 80's mostly.

I started working nights a few months ago and it took a little getting used to. Rather than getting up at 5-6am and going to bed at 9-10pm I'm getting up at 2-4pm and going to bed at 5-8am. I've taken to it pretty well for the most part and sleep as well as I did sleeping at night. I just have to really keep to my schedule. I had to get up earlier on a Saturday a few weeks ago and every day for about the next week I'd wake up early and couldn't go back to sleep.
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Hello I also struggle to sleep or get to sleep / stay asleep. It’s awful knowing the next day u have to get up for school college or work. I have anxiety issues and I’m constantly up all night shaking and not getting to sleep until 4am. It’s horrible.
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Like 5 hours a night
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Normally, I fall asleep easily and sleep soundly throughout the night. The problem is with the dreams. They alternate between nightmares, frustrating dreams and worrying dreams. Sometimes I get some relief, usually in the form of 'thriller' dreams. They differ from all the others because I seize control and successfully fight back at whatever is scaring/frustrating/worrying me. Tried to fix this with medication a few times, bad idea.

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atm no/really poorly i feel most guilty that i seem to keep my partner up with me.
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Sleep depends upon your whole day routine. If you are sedentary for whole day, then sleeping will not be easy for you. To have a good sleep you should plan your day, and do a lot more exercise and eat healthy diet. Your sleep will be improved much.
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