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Digestive system problems and mental health connection?

I was wondering if mine come from suspected gluten intolerance, chronic thyroid issue or they're somatic or maybe they're all of these at the same time.

I had a headache and a stomach ache at the same time as a psychosomatic symptom after one therapy session. I also had vomiting as a psychosomatic symtom a few times. But other times were just random and didn't even seem connected to bad food. It was just stomach reacting to something.

I'm wondering if autoimmune problems can be caused by early childhood traumas then how is the nervous system connected to your guts?

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Well, my ulcerative colitis flares up when I'm stressed. I'm having a pretty bad problem with it now. Feels like I probably have IBS, too. Scientists/doctors are wishy-washy about the causes, but I developed UC when I found out I was losing my job several years ago and it always gets worse when my stress gets worse. The gut has neurons and neurotransmitters like the brain, so that's how they're connected.

The enteric nervous system is often referred to as our body’s second brain. There are hundreds of million of neurons connecting the brain to the enteric nervous system, the part of the nervous system that is tasked with controlling the gastrointestinal system.

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