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Blood pressure of 200/100 at the doctor's office

I had to go see a doctor yesterday because my therapist wants me to get on antidepressants. First of all, I absolutely hate going to the doctor, because I have severe 'White Coat Hypertension' and every time they check my blood pressure it's through the roof. Having severe anxiety/panic attacks and agoraphobia just makes this 10x worse. When the nurse first took my blood pressure, I had to mention to him that my anxiety is really bad and that it'd be high... but when he told me the reading it kind of freaked me out. It was 200/100 (isn't this practically a Hypertensive crisis?). He said "we'll check it again before you leave". The doctor checked it again later and it was still 148/100 and my heart rate was still in the 140's. I honestly felt pretty embarrassed. The doctor also said "we should maybe put you on blood pressure medication because that reading is beyond White Coat Hypertension". I told her that it's just anxiety, but now I have to take my BP at home and log it to bring it back next time I go.

Does this happen to anyone else? That's a really high reading but I've had SEVERE panic attacks and I imagine my BP has been even higher than that during attacks before, probably heart attack/stroke level high.
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That happens to my mum, and she has a machine she uses to test it at home, where it is usually much lower. I hope yours is the same and that everything goes well for you.

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I have the same problem. My BP shoots up at the doctors office. I had a wrist BP machine so it was also high at home but not like at the doctors. Since I have Essential Tremors in my hands I asked to be put on Atenolol which is a Beta Blocker. It has helped with the BP and the tremors. I ended up buying a digital one with a cuff due to the wrist one quit working. They aren't very expensive. Just take it at home before going on any meds. You don't want your BP going too low.

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I have low blood pressure. Usually, when people test it, they ask me if I'm aware that it's so low, lol. (I actually almost died from complications following anesthesia once.)

There's some indication that LBP is associated with chronic, long-term anxiety and depression:

This study do not support previous hypothesis that emotional stress may be a cause of hypertension. Our findings indicate that symptoms of anxiety and depression are associated with decrease in blood pressure, particularly when a high symptom level can be detected over decades.
I don't get White Coat hypertension, and I don't typically get panic attacks during doctor's visits, so I don't get spikes like you do.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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I have white coat hypertension but I'm also diabetic and the doc tells me my blood pressure is high due to the diabetes. I take Losartan for the BP and it does a good job.

One time at the doctor's office the intern there told me he also gets white coat hypertension really bad. I think it's common.

I take my blood pressure readings at home and they're usually normal there but go up several points at the doctor's office.
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