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Bad Doctors

Not sure if posted this in the right place.
I'm in a situation now where my doctors won't listen to me and I'm not very good at explaining myself.
I normally take someone with me but he's not allowed in there as he's classed as high risk, he's always helped to explain my case for me but now I go alone and they try to force me to do more things and to take part in things to get me back to work, I've been unable to work for many years and I just want to focus on my eating disorder, always fatigued and feel I'm going downhill, i feel a lot worse before and after my appointments now, I was trying to eat twice a day with failing but still focusing on getting my 2 meals a day, but now I struggle to eat even 1 meal if at all,
all I'm focusing on now is my situation with what they expect of me.
I feel that they don't believe me and I'm losing all of my trust with them, i don't like social situations and now I'm starting to have a fear of even going there now, I'll refuse to see that last doctor I seen, i was even panicky in there but she just didn't care. She was all smiles and lovey dovey, talking to me like I'm a toddler.
I need to contact my doctors for my fit note until my appeal for my benefits comes through.
I just don't know what to do, it's difficult not to think about it and gets me down.

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Doctors are educated, rich and therefore, are untouchable entities of our societies. We aren't "smart enough" for them nor can we win against them because we have less cash and money gets you ahead 100% of the time. I think we are in for a long control freak thingy. The W.H.O. is controling the world, financed by Bill Gates .. we are screwed........................................... ..
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