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I don't know if I still have social anxiety when I am drunk but I am sure I feel better when I am drinking. I don't get sad if I say a wrong thing that time but I still don't talk much.
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Recently, I've started drinking... a lot. Last week I got the drunkest I've ever been... and it was the best I've ever felt. I spoke exactly what was on my mind, I had absolutely NO anxiety... I acted how I truly want to act in front of people. If only I acted like this before, maybe I would have a friend or two, maybe I would have had a reason to go to graduation last year, maybe I wouldn't even be on this site. The only problem: I don't want to depend on alcohol. I want to act on impulse without the use of alcohol, I just want to be free of this freakin' anxiety so I can just... finally talk to people.
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sydney?? like australia?? well im on the other side of the world so i doubt ill be attending ha, but a reply none the less.

from 12 through 19 i drunk heavily just so i could socialize atall. many called me an alcoholic but im not sure you can be a holic at such a young age. maybe im wrong, but it just felt like a social crutch to me. whilest it helped me be vocal and outgoing in public, it was a drunken out of hand sociability and i ended up making a name for myself as abit of a ****, though i really am not that kind of person at heart, and all the wrong friends. many regrets from those years. how i acted and how i came across. it was honestly just my attempt to not be alone all of the time. so i quit, turned to weed to help get off it but that stuff exhasibates my anxietys and paranoias to the point of daily panic attacks. so in turn i went back to the booze to counteract the weed just a fortnight ago, my therapist tells me to stop self medicating, but booze isnt a medication so i just.. dont really agree on a level that i can really understand. nowa days its not for sociability as my social life is truely broke beyond repair, but simply to pass the time alone.

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