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Hey girl, I hope your doing ok now. I am here to confort you by saying that I completely feel you. I literally live the same as you. People also treat me bad because I'm not attractive. Sometimes I feel like they think I look like a crazy person. But you know what, I used to care a lot like you do but I don't care anymore. In my past I used to freak out and always cry when people were mean to me because of my appearance and because of that I developped a severe anxiety and had a lot of suicidal thoughts too but I went to a nice therapist, not the ones you seem to attend and she teached me how to react to those people. Basically you have to shut them down your mind. I mean, you have to ignore them and act confident like you didn't know they were talking/being mean to you. You just go on with your life because you are a person. Everyone is the same despite of their looks. It is the inside that counts. So no one has a toll in your life. They don't know you so they aren't important or special to you and by that you don't have to consider their opinion. Another thing is, you will always find someone who will sympathize with you no matter what. I live in a small island so people here are really closed minded which makes things seem worse but I have moved in the past to a big city and no one, literally no one!! told me I was ugly and treated me like in my home town. It was a dream to me. I even had several guys who liked me and had my first boyfriend then so please don't think that the world is all like that. Believe me (from a person who feels and is treated the same) there are real good people out there. I really suggest you move to a bigger city where you don't know anyone. Try to detox a little from those people who hurt you. I am now back to my city and I am experiencing again those same things but I have a different mindset now and I don't care. I always thing and give credit to the people who really like me/love me. They are the ones that matter. I hope you feel ok now and that you find someone to make your world feel better. I am sorry for my english though but if you need to talk I am here from all of my heart. I would love to help someone who lived like me.
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Because they are see themselves in them. What's the best way to meet your "fear" than trying ruining it. But then realizing it's not it you're destroying but the person suffering from the same thing that you do or once had.

People are morons that only think of themselves and the easy way out in life, no matter the cost. I rest my case
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