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Treatment of dermatitis

A friend of mine suffered from seborrheic dermatitis a long time ago, and was treated and treated many times, but was recurrent. Is there a cure for this?
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I think any type of dermatitis/eczema is quite complicated to get rid of. Maybe your friend should do an allergy test, use special soaps etc and wear clothing made from more breathable materials. I had eczema behind my knees and on my elbow creases but it was gone by the time I was 11. And I get dermatitis on my hands if I do a lot of cleaning so have to wear gloves to help prevent it.

Hopefully your friend can figure out a solution 🙂
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Mine flares up if I eat cake or candy, or if I get too stressed out.

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I've got Psoriasis and have had it for years. It 'flares' and wanes but is always around. I do photo-therapy which has been very effective at managing it and keeping it from spreading.
I would really like to get an allergy test as well to see if there are things I could avoid to help even more. My previous dermatologist dissuaded me from getting a test because the said I might find out I was allergic to things, then eliminate them from my life, but see no improvement - WTF? That is the dumbest thing I've heard from a medical professional. I think they just wanted to keep getting my money from treatment, rather than see me find a cure through diet.

Has anyone here gotten an allergy test? Did you get it paid for by insurance?

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