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Neuro Developmental Delay Therapy

I am undertaking some physical exercises based on infant reflexes that some claim can permanently reduce shyness / SAD syndromes etc.

I did see a specialist some time ago to start them but stopped for various reasons after a while, but have restarted them again recently.

Boy, do they bring stuff up!

You know how you can wake up in the early morning with butterflies in the stomach and anxiety?

Well I do the exercises - taking about 20 mins and then feel better. If I meditate/ pray for 45 min it adds to bringing stuff up.
I was feeling churned up, so I lay down, put on some sad music and was able to cry and primal like a baby for a while - OMG it was painful but I feel like I have permanently lightened that well of pain enforcing my SAD.
I believe many SAD sufferers have Predisposing Factors , i.e from early infancy, that are underpinning the condition.
E.g one of the ones I do is a version of the 'moro' or startle reflex that babies should grow out of in the first few months. I had a hernia-op as a baby and was not putting on weight properly and other issues.

Neuro Developmental Exercises are one way I have found that have matured my coping capabilities. I was taught to do the exercises slowly like tai-chi speed combined with breathing. I believe Yoga asanas, if done in a similar manner can have a similar benefit.

I used to think my problems were all in my head and dismissed exercise as being of little benefit.
Someone at work saw I was very low and told me their secret - NDT execises! That saved my life (together with a Spiritual healer who I started seeing for a bad break-up, who used to play emotive music that made me cry).

Some of the exercises are on youtube - mainly aimed at younger people but adults can benefit from them as well. If you can self-primal or cry readily you may want to try some for 20 min a day for a week - but I wouldn't do much more without specialist advice as they might bring up too much too quickly. The normal program lasts about one to three years, with diagnosis and adjustments every few weeks.
They have even been known to cure agoraphobia - one of the most difficult to treat problems.

Many Doctors will not have heard of them. I think Sally Goddard Blythe was one of the leading experts on NDT.

I firmly believe some kind of slow exercise program - Yoga , Tai-Chi , etc is indispensible to overcoming SAD. Having said that, it's not a cure-all either, even some Yoga Teachers have ended up as suicides - see Michael Stone.
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Some Exercises and their Reflexes

I have formulated a set of 8 exercises I do in the morning (not every morning, but when I feel I need them). I repeat each one slowly from three to ten times. Given here is the nickname, followed by the infant reflex they are designed to work on

1. 'Opening Out AKA Meatball' - Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex
2. 'Snow Angel' - Spinal Gallant
3. 'Fencing' - Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) Supine

4. 'Starfish' - Moro or Startle Reflex
5. 'Robot' - Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) Prone

6. 'Superman' - Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex Supine
7. 'Cat or Child Pose' - Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
8. 'Crocodile' - Crawling with head looking left and right

Most of them are on youtube
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