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Is therapy a ripoff?

I never find therapist not to be helpful unless you pay large amounts for their services. And it seems they all generally tell you the same thing.

How can someone afford to pay 70, 100, or up to 150 dollars per session for 1 hour. Times that 10 and you're dedicating 700, 1000, or 1500 for about 10 sessions, which is equivalent to only 10 hours. I dont get how people afford therapy, to get better. It takes time, like months to improve. But paying that much is just too much.

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it kind of is. you're basically paying someone to pretend to listen to you, and even then they don't contribute much.

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I ran into an old therapist when i was in public, she told me she had moved on to a government job. You never know if they are just using that job as a stepping stone and chances are they just read some book info and are spitting out whatever they can think of.
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Group therapy worse as new people turn up each week and you have to pretend to be interested in their ****. I fell asleep in one session.

I only went to get friday off of work for few weeks.

**** your feelings !!

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it's good if you're clueless. if I had a kid like me I'd pay for it and see if it did any good.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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All medical care is a ripoff. It's designed from the ground up to take advantage of the sick and drain them dry.

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Past attempts have failed for me but now I think I may have found a good situation. Only been a few appointments so far but I think the $15.00 co-pay I have made for each appt has been worth it.
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depends on the therapist. they're not all the same. gotta keep the goal in mind, develop tunnel vision to a certain extent. it's hard, and it's not for everyone.

~bad baby

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Originally Posted by kesker View Post
depends on the therapist. they're not all the same.

that is true, but the majority of them are in it for the money, and just listen to you for 1 hour.while you vent your anger..i never found it helpful
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The first time I went to therapy was because my mother had asked me, after she got a knock on the door from the police, who found me passed out in our community spa. I agreed to go to therapy because maybe I needed to hear from someone about my drinking problem. I went to four sessions and racked up a bill of $786.52. After the first session he had diagnosed me with depression and it was the first time that I had heard this word from a stranger. My family had mentioned that my problems stemmed from my parents divorce. Bottom line I think that if you can afford therapy you can certainly benefit from it. However, I think that we have the capabilities to heal ourselves with alternative medication. I use cannabis oil in micro doses to manage my depression as well as my anxiety. Medical cannabis has improved my life as a whole and it has certainly opened up opportunities in regards of my career, family, and relationship. Tinctures and oils work the best for me. Smoking anything will cause more harm than good and for patients that are suffering from anxiety, smoking can induce panic or paranoia because there is too much THC being ingested. I follow this youtube channel which talks about all the different ways that cannabis oil can heal our ailments.
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Originally Posted by sabbath9 View Post
Smokers can regulate their dose just by taking as many puffs as they need. If one puff is all you need then fine, take one puff and save the rest for later.

The raw plant has dozens if not hundreds of chemicals that mankind is still clueless about. The cannabis smoke actually protects smokers' lungs from cancer and other ailments.
I think if anything vaping cannabis might be a more healthier option. I prefer using Oils as it provides me with therapeutic relief with longevity. My anxiety can get really bad sometimes out of no where so I need to use HT THC FECO. lab report for my syringe.
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Moreover, in long-term therapy in order to imporve to the point where you don't need therapy you have to spend years in it (and you're supposed to visit a therapist regularly, once a week on average, imagine if it's not how often you have a session).

I think this guy has very legitimate arguments against it:
So sad that just because he names them it doesn't get better because the system wouldn't improve by itself.

Btw, that doesn't mean that therapy is a made up scam and you can just heal on your own, that it isn't helpful or that it doesn't heal at least some of our traumas. That just means the system is not good and it should be reformed. On the other hand a lot depends on a therapist.I think it depends on two components of the therapist 1) how skillful, professional they are, what their type of therapy is and 2) the therapist's personal motivation, personal qualities and values (at least to me).

In the end of the video above he asks a question: isn't it a little bit odd that we need one person who professionally sits, listens with empathy, supports etc to lots of people and that's how they make a living? I think he's right, but unfortunally the alienated capitalist society we live in doesn't offer us any other alternatives. Plus it's extremely rare to find a friend or a person who would substitute a therapist because full acceptance is required. But then I always doubt that my therapist, ofr example, actually fully accepts me or all those things she told therapy was about. She seems pretty cynical and she seems to think that she's above people with serious psychological problems. Maybe it's subtle, but it's still the case and I can't force myself to forget it every time I have a session with her and that's not helpful. Also this portion of empathy is not enough for me. But that's on a personal level cause I needed to express it somewhere so I just randomly started to write about it in this post.

Sorry not sorry
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i had like 5-6 sessions i think and didn't help at all. All she told me was that i should try to go outside and start by asking colleagues to go out.. like ugh

She spent a long time trying to find the origin of my SA... which didn't actually help
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I go to the doctor to get the med part (training wheels).

I learn how to handle each situation with skills that I learn, but I learn them on my own and bounce them off of professionals. They have been pretty impressed. The only issue is that I let things go longer than they should. It's basically me holding myself up.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


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Is therapy is a rip off? It can be yes... However, does that mean it's a useless investment? Overall, I think no. It isn't unless, like time and time again, said for the bazillionth time, that if you find one that works for you and with you, it's worth it. It's supposed to be therapeutic. If not, it's not technically therapy.

I get that some therapists want to go through all the technicality of "where your parents from, do they have depression, did anyone kill themselves in your family, how did you deal with depression, what has helped in the past, what do you think will help now, How can I help you today. K, thanks and see you next week" is generally not so helpful in the long run. It's too analytical, doesn't get to the point. As in, how does my parents having a history of illness explain what I already knew versus how is that supposed to help me deal with my inherited pain that I'm feeling right now and trying to deal with... duh. And even then, there is a cause and an effect, but they seem to think that finding the cause will cure the effect. Ugh anyway.

I do agree that the system is flawed when it comes to behavioral health. I, too racked up $800 in bills in just two months of seeing behavioral health "specialists". Mind you, they are specialists since they don't treat just anyone who walks in without a diagnosis, hence why its so expensive, and that's where it's ****ed up. Specialized healthcare costs a **** ton more than general practice, unfortunately when depression/anxiety is one of the most common things to experience. In that case, I'd just try to find better healthcare, more affordable at least, whether it's offered through employers or through the state. Not only is anxiety and depression some sort of epidemic, untreated depression is an even bigger epidemic, ffs. Sorry, I just very strongly about this and cannot emphasize that enough. I suppose untreated illnesses are not due to just general lack of awareness but the general lack of money to treat it from the patient's perspective.

That said, I do think therapy is worth it when you find time to devote yourself to it.therapy could be anything. Petting cats or dogs, exercising. There's almost too many outlets that it's overwhelming. Some do it by themselves, some really do not.. (me for example).. in my which case, I think therapy helps when you can find a qualified person who can put a perspective or words to describe how you're feeling and what alternatives you can feel.
just don't give up because you don't have to live a sucky life and esp not in this sucky way. Thanks for reading.
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If I were to judge it by personal experience I'd say yes. The only reason why I go is to have some sort of human interaction since I live alone by myself and have no friends. I hate human interaction as much as I crave it. Therapy provides an opportunity for me to interact with a sentient being. Sure beats talking to the wall I guess... the way I see it is no different from prostitution: some people folks hire prostitutes to fulfill their physical needs, I hire therapists to fulfill my emotional needs. That doesn't mean that this activity has cured me.

"Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand"

― Ian Curtis
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I have found only one helpful therapist in all of my journey, and the way he helped me was by motivating/encouraging me, sharing his own story and introducing me to toastmasters...I don't know if the problem is with me or them, I don't really connect well to anyone including therapists.
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Id like to think some therapist are there to help because they care about other people's well being but the cynic in me will always kill that one quick.

It's all a big money rip off. Push meds, extend therapy to reap as much cash as possible etc.

The past was erased,
the erasure was forgotten,
the lie became the truth

George Orwell-1984
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It depends on the therapist and the price. Therapy itself is one of the most effective, research-supported methods of mental health treatment, so it's certainly a good method.

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I must have spent thousands in money and hundreds of hours with various therapies and even got into the fringes of some cultish-type groups over the years, so I have some experience.
I would say some therapies are useful at times and some are useless or even dangerous! Some therapists can be subtly abusive and downright manipulative!

There was an online question guide a few years back to consult, ah found it:

50 Warning Signs of Questionable Therapy and Counseling

In no particular order, it is a red flag if you find your:

1. Counselor does not have sufficient and specific training to address your issues and/or attempts to treat problems outside the scope of the practice.
2. Therapist is not interested in the changes you want to make and your goals for therapy.
3. Counselor cannot or does not clearly define how he or she can help you to solve whatever issue or concern has brought you to therapy.
4. Therapist provides no explanation of how you will know when your therapy is complete.
5. Counselor does not seek consultation with other therapists.
6. Therapist makes guarantees and/or promises.
7. Therapist has unresolved complaints filed with their licensing board.
8. Therapist does not provide you with information about your rights as a client, confidentiality, office policies, and fees so you can fairly consent to your treatment. Note: The information provided to new clients by therapists differs by state and licensure requirements.
9. Counselor is judgmental or critical of your behavior, lifestyle, or problems.
10. Therapist “looks down” at you or treats you as inferior in subtle or not so subtle ways.
11. Counselor blames your family, friends, or partner.
12. Counselor encourages you to blame your family, friends, or partner.
13. Therapist knowingly or unknowingly gets his or her own psychological needs meet at the expense of focusing on you and your therapy.
14. Counselor tries to be your friend.
15. Therapist initiates touch (i.e., hugs) without your consent.
16. Counselor attempts to have a sexual or romantic relationship with you.
17. Therapist talks excessively about him- or herself and/or self-discloses often without any therapeutic purpose.
18. Counselor tries to enlist your help with something not related to your therapy.
19. Therapist discloses your identifying information without authorization or mandate.
20. Counselor tells you the identities of his or her other clients.
21. Therapist discloses that he or she has never been in his or her own therapy.
22. Counselor cannot accept feedback or admit mistakes.
23. Therapist focuses extensively on diagnosing without also helping you to change.
24. Counselor talks too much.
25. Therapist does not talk at all.
26. Counselor often speaks in complex “psychobabble” that leaves you confused.
27. Therapist focuses on thoughts and cognition at the exclusion of feelings and somatic experience.
28. Counselor focuses on feelings and somatic experience at the exclusion of thoughts, insight, and cognitive processing.
29. Therapist acts as if she or he has the answers or solutions to everything and spends time telling you how to best fix or change things.
30. Counselor tells you what to do, makes decisions for you, or gives frequent unsolicited advice.
31. Therapist encourages your dependency by allowing you to get your emotional needs meet from the therapist. Therapist “feeds you fish, rather than helping you to fish for yourself.”
32. Counselor tries to keep you in therapy against your will.
33. Therapist believes that only her or his counseling approach works and ridicules other approaches to therapy.
34. Therapist is contentious with you or frequently confrontational.
35. Counselor doesn’t remember your name and/or doesn’t remember your issues from one session to the next.
36. Therapist does not pay attention or demonstrate he or she is listening and understanding you.
37. Counselor answers the phone during your session.
38. Therapist is not sensitive to your culture or religion.
39. Counselor denies or ignores the importance of your spirituality.
40. Therapist tries to push spirituality or religion on to you.
41. Counselor does not empathize.
42. Therapist empathizes too much.
43. Counselor seems overwhelmed with your problems.
44. Therapist seems overly emotional, affected, or triggered by your feelings or issues.
45. Counselor pushes you into highly vulnerable feelings or memories.
46. Therapist avoids going near any emotional or vulnerable feelings.
47. Counselor does not ask your permission to use various psychotherapeutic techniques.
48. Therapist tries to get you to exert overt control over your impulses, compulsions, or addictions without helping you to appreciate and resolve the underlying causes.
49. Counselor prematurely and/or exclusively focuses on helping you to appreciate and resolve the underlying causes of an issue or compulsion when you would instead benefit more from learning coping skills to manage your impulses.
50. Your counselor habitually misses, cancels, or shows up late to appointments.

Also, remember, you are your therapists next meal ticket, house-extension, foreign holiday., etc.
The longer you stay as their patient, the more income you generate for them!
Often the people who need the most help are those who can least afford it! Do they care? Hell no!

Often people become therapists in the subconcious hope of curing their own issues - yes it's a fact - they will project their own problems onto you - beware!
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