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is counseling more or less the same thing as therapy?

my dad is looking into a counselor but i heard psychotherapists were more fit for the job? i don't really know the difference

song vv
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You tell me
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I think it's a matter of qualifications. Some therapists / counselors are registered psychologists and some aren't. Its usually better to go to a registered psychologist because they're supposed to have more knowledge about how to conduct therapy / counselling. As for psychotherapy... I think that pertains to Freudian style therapy, which a lot of people aren't a fan of because it can get pretty esoteric and weird.
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counselors are less expensive than therapist usually activities are same

Shyra Marie
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Therapy to me means a structured pathway based on sound logic, experience and the most cutting edge methods that can partially or entirely eliminate the problems of the patient with minimal distress on their part. I don't get the impression that there are many therapists around at the moment capable of offering such a high quality service. I really think there is a huge need in society for services helping people develop interpersonal skills and overcoming anxiety.
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Old thread, but "therapy" involves an immense difference in what you get, mainly based on the capabilities of the therapist. Look for bodies that the therapist belongs to. I personally wouldn't get therapy from anyone less than a psychologist because in my experience anything less has been total and utter horse**** (and often makes things worse).

People here who complain about therapy, and say its useless, have usually just had bad therapy from this therapists.
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I always thought counselling was more to get you through a particularly difficult time in your life - as a response to something that's happened for example. Therapy is different to that.
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