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inferior therapy - REACTION CRINGE FAIL

You are welcome for the clickbait title.

My psychologist basically just gives me advice.

I present a problem and she pretty much just goes "well maybe you can [insert semi-obvious method to overcome said problem]" and nothing more. And i just sit there, confuzzled out of my mind. I don't get any specific methods to deal with my issues, just blanket statements. I can get better help just using Google. My social phobia does not allow me to ask follow up questions or probe her further because I don't want to upset her.

Oh and every time I see her she has forgotten probably more than half of what we discussed in the previous session. I have observed this particular trait in all therapists and doctors I've seen. This is easily observable in that they ask the same questions over and over and seem equally surprised each time they receive the repeated information from me.

Like who the fvck hired this person? And why hasn't her skills improved thus far? She's like 50-55. And no I can't leave her because I am being evaluated for autism so I have to be under her supervision for at least 6 more months. As soon as that is done I will promptly GTFO.

i'm so fkn mad.
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Hmm, interesting, you know she's being paid alot of money and loves people who upset her, the more people upset her the higher her paycheck. Please feel free to upset her with your questions, since you're gonna end it with her anyway, worth a shot to show her how much she sucks, upset her!

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