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I will see the light!

Hello to everyone,
I'm at the end of a marathon of 17 years. I've been treated over these years for depression, mood swing, general anxiety, ADD, etc. I took so many pils in this period that l can't remember all of them: SSRI's, other antidepressors, ADD pills, mood stabilizers and so on. l even did 3 weeks in psychiatry so they could help me to find what was wrong with me because nothing of the s*** my so called doctor prescribed me was working. it was just chemical warfare in my body. In this period, too, l was diagnosed with hemochromatosis and diabetes.

Diabetes came first, 2 years after starting taking antidepressor. l wasn't feeling good and l knew my body was resistant to antidepressors (l know this now) because l've never felt well with that s***. Man, l waws drinking 2 gallons of water each morning to noon. My stupid doctor finally tested me for it after me pressuring him to do so. Diagnostic came out and showed him i was right. But l was sure there was something else because my ferritine was too high and for him it was because l was taking too much vitamins (!). So l got tested agin for this and enlightment came for him: genetic test proven l had hemochromatosis. Stupid mofo.

So as l said before, it was a 17 years fight until last july. l was not going well: my body was telling me that l had something else and l had to find it. l mean, l had symptoms of persistent fatigue, brain fog, l was still depressed and l was sweating like a tropical storm. So he tested me for things that, he said, he was not testing people for these kind of things, like hypo or hyper thyroidism. l fought him on testing low testosterone because I'm 46 and I'm not supposed to have this. Test results came back positive on low T. Another slap in his face.

So when l met him, he was angry because l was the one who discovered it, again. l knew it because l did my researches: hemochromatosis is directly related with low T. Worst, resistance to antidepressant is a key to diagnose low T, too. So, probably when it all started at 30, l was already low T. I remember that every symptoms that I had corresponded to low T. He told me I was the exception. I told him in a few words that he f****ed my life up for 17 years. He was angry, I was full of rage: I had testosterone of a 100 years old man since today. So he prescribed me Androgel and I got rid off of escitalopram and divalproex. Today, I still battle with withdrawal symptoms of escitalopram since I dumped it last saturday (september 15th) but it's normal, I know it.

So, if like me you are resistant to antidepressors, have a low T check, it can be that or something else. And of course, listen to what your body tells you; because you are the best person to know how you feel.
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You certainly will, good luck!
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yes can thanks

i i ma riya singh from the lotus
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I'm curious how you are doing now after being treated for low testosterone? Did it make a big difference in your life?
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