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I tried therapy and it does not work!

The feelings/thoughts in my brain are too strong.

I cannot go to clubs pubs, parties and be near large groups of people. I hate it and sometimes I despise those that do go.

I go out for a walk on my own near the countryside and I love being on my own and i'll have a smoke and then a couple will come walking towards me or a couple will go jogging past and I hate it because they've invaded my space.

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Re: I tried therapy and it does not work!

How long were you in therapy for and what approach did you try?
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Re: I tried therapy and it does not work!

Therapy takes time, how long have you been in therapy? I've been doing CBT for over a year and it has helped me loads.

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Re: I tried therapy and it does not work!

Ive found that the best therapy is try not to conform too much, don't get that mortgage, dont get married, dont go to that pub/club, don't join that self help class, don't buy that big car.

Ive found the more I remove myself from all this crap the better off I am. For instance Ive started looking at some of these images of deep space http://hubblesite.org/gallery/ from the Hubble Telescope and think whats going on outside this stupid planet.

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