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According to research meditation works in calming your mind and hence is a fix for anxious or depressive states of the brain. Stress can negatively affect our physical health as we all know, and for that matter meditation can positively change both aspects of health, in a direct or indirect way (mental and physical respectively).

Personally I've never full on tried it. Maybe I should.
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David Lynch. I really needed this.

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yeah, I did pretty traditional Buddhist meditation for a while, it certainly helped with anxiety and depression. I also met some really lovely people at the classes. Shame I stopped really...probably would've gone on a retreat by now if I kept it up. Another life time eh.
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I go to a meditation group for people who deal with anxious thoughts and it has helped. No, it has not cured my illness but my anxiety is very specific on a couple of social situations, and it's very extreme with those specific situations, so it may just take time. It's very important that if you do meditation, that you make it a priority so that it becomes a habit. After awhile, it will be much easier to remember to meditate. It helps me stay more calm overall throughout the day, and I find it much easier to be productive and get stuff done when I meditate. I have to admit (perhaps I'm a bit immature?) sometimes, depending on what the guided meditation is, I almost want to giggle and I can't get into it, but I know that different guided meditations work differently for each person. Some guided meditations where another person walks you through an imaginary situation have really helped me get some insight into myself, while others have not.

I think you should give meditation a try. What could it hurt?
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I am trying, but I can't focus!
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