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Nah, I never cried but there were a few ocasions where I got and felt a bit eemmmmm, I suppose 'emotional' is the best way to describe it. It was mostly in response to what she said. Basically she said some nice things about me and I am not used to people responding to me in that way. Feels nice
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I have had three therapists. 1 and 3 have seen me cry. I always felt like a whiny little crybaby and I felt like less of a man when I cried. Nobody has really seen me cry except my therapists. It comes naturally. I would say that I have had around ten sessions in therapy over the past 3 years in which I actually cried. It happens when something clearly upsets you, and it's good because it shows them how much this certain issue really bothers you. They know it's real when you start crying, and it's good to let it all out.
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yes, and i hated every second. i hate it because they deal with that like every day, probably multiple times, and i don't want to make them have to deal with it again. i want to suck it up, but once something's brought up that's close to my insecurities i lose it.

i hate being so sensitive. it's so f-n embarrassing!
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I have a few times. One was during only our second meeting, my voice trembled and I whimpered, "I'm so lonely." She had this completely disarming tone of voice and manner. She was also really into eastern ways of thinking, which I insulted. I still feel bad about that LOL. It wasn't a good fit, but I knew that from the start.

One other time I believe happened at the counseling office of my former college. She was the nicest lady ever! A few tears trickled out, but no crocodile tears. It was no big deal really. The circumstance was dismal and it was an emotional time.

"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it." --Mark Twain
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I keep breaking down there. She keeps saying if there's anywhere that's ok to cry it's there. And hands me a box of tissues lol. I cried at my doctors once too. Whatever's upsetting you is why you're there.
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I've cried in front of therapists. They've probably seen it all before, but it was still embarrassing. They just silently held out a box of tissues. Doctors seem to have a more robotic reaction to tears. I think my voice cracked in front of one once because he gave me a weird look and asked if I needed a tissue. I composed myself at lightning speed.
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I think I cried a few times, or I was about to. I think I cried when my therapist had to tell my mom I was cutting. I didn't want her to know. :/
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Yes. Although I still try to hold back the tears because of anxiety. My therapist has cried in my sessions too for me, and that has made me cry. She always keeps a box of tissues near the couch anyway.
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Have never cried in therapy before even though on many ocassions I felt my eyes slowly welling up with tears, I usually keep it in because I feel afraid to be vunerable and raw even though it would help me alot.
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Almost did. I was talking to the therapist about some stuff (that really makes me sad) and almost cried. She ask me if i was sad and if i was ok. I really have to stop for a moment to recuperate. Was a really intense sesion.
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Originally Posted by Steve123 View Post
Have you?

I almost did yesterday. she said something to me (not going to say exactly what is was) that kind of perfectly described a way I'd felt on some level most of my life, but that I'd never had articualted before. It was wierd not only to hear the way I felt put in words, but also someone else seeing it in me, it sort of made it seem realer if that makes sense. I got this tingling sensation all over and came so close to crying I kind of had to get ahold of myself for a few minutes before I could even speak.

I told my therapist about this last visit and she almost sounded disappointed that I didn't cry lol. See was all telling me "Thats okay to do here!, sometimes thats a really good thing!". I sort of feel as if I owe her one now
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I do most times! It's a good thing.
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I did with my very first one, I was so nervous I just couldn't help it.

Even if our scars donít match thereís no wrong you canít make better if you can figure out a way to change your mind.

And sure thereís things I regret not doing or doing. Those thoughts climb my spine like spiders, and then Iím really the stranger in my own bed,

and that ball of nervous gets pushed into every crack. Thatís whatís holding the bricks together.

- Listener
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I noticed how young most of you on the forum are. It's GREAT that you have this avenue to share. When I was young, I was alone, with nobody to discuss my SA with, topped off with abusive parents and of course,no therapy or meds.
NOBODY, but NOBODY would even KNOW that I was scared to death inside, quite the opposite. When I am open about it, some people WON'T believe me!! lol Seriously. So, my point is don't ever think that it's only YOU, lots of folks are out there simply hiding feeling the same way.
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Yep, I tend to cry a lot and very easily.
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I haven't cried in front of my therapist, but I was worse before I saw her and cried a lot then. I've also cried at least once a year at school in front of teachers and other students, it was mortifying and I just couldn't help it. Sometimes when I really have a reason to cry I can't, but then other times something stupid will set me off, its weird.
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Not yet, but I've probably been close a few times. I rarely cry, really. It's a shame, because when I do it really helps get stuff out I think.

I just can't turn it 'on' when I want to, even though I wish I could.

On the flip I side I started crying like a little girl just the other day when I suspected one of my dogs had a hip problem and I went to get him x-rayed, I couldn't stop crying even when the results came back negative and he was just fine. I love them so much.
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Yes. I find it impossible to talk about my anxiety problems without bawling like an idiot. I'd start crying 5 minutes into my session and not being able to stop until it was over...sometimes it would even start by telling the receptionist that I was there.
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