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Have you ever cried in front of your therapist?

Have you?

I almost did yesterday. she said something to me (not going to say exactly what is was) that kind of perfectly described a way I'd felt on some level most of my life, but that I'd never had articualted before. It was wierd not only to hear the way I felt put in words, but also someone else seeing it in me, it sort of made it seem realer if that makes sense. I got this tingling sensation all over and came so close to crying I kind of had to get ahold of myself for a few minutes before I could even speak.
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Not yet, but I've only had one session... there was a box of tissues sitting there ominously though
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I went to a family therapist a few years back. She did absolutely nothing for my real problems because she didn't understand them. But she did question me about my parent's divorce (because she was a family therapist and she searches for that crap), and then when I was talking about how unsettling my dads second wedding was, I started crying. It was uber embarrassing.
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I don't recall ever doing it. I came close a couple of times, but held back because I was afraid they'd find it whiny or self-pitying and think I'm pathetic. How ridiculous is that?
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Uhm yeah, I used to cry in front of her all the time. I did not know this was something to be embarrassed about, haha. I am pretty sure they expect it, I mean you are going to be talking about deeply personal things if you are truly seeking help, and some might shake loose a few tears. I did not feel ashamed or embarrassed at all. :o
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I did once. She pushed my buttons until I was able to admit my problems.

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I've cried in front of her once. We were talking about my body image problems and that was the first time I'd actually told someone about how repulsive and hideous I feel. It was quite awkward. I also usually get emotional when I talk about my SA, I'm really surprised that I haven't cried about it yet since it's pretty much all we talk about.
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I may have....right about the time my father passed away in January, 2007.

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Unfortunately yes. Once, for no real reason! I was running late and my mom had yelled at me the whole way there for being in the wrong parking lot (she had told me the wrong one not vice versa) at school.
It was the first session with that therapist (she was the once to diagnose me with SA), I got to the office and started telling her what happened, I just started crying. I never cry around people! That sucked...
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I cried most of the first session. How embarrassing.
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I cry too much. I do it whether I'm in front of others or alone. For some reason, I feel no shame in it since those are/were my general feelings at the time so I just express them then and there. I don't feel embarrassed except for the fact that I may do it too much. The therapists are usually very professional about it and I don't get the feeling that they feel sorry for me or pity me.. but then again I'm a crybaby.
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I have cried in front of a few of them. Plus a couple of GP's and a psychiatrist. I almost had a panic attack in front of one as well. I do get embarassed, but then I think well, this stuff comes with their professional territory and they know how to deal it - which they did.
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Yeah, a few times now. Sometimes I am sad.
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Yes. Many, many, moons ago, when I had my heart broken.
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Yes, if we start talking about childhood. It just happens, and then only later can I figure out what might have triggered it. It's usually this feeling of intense loneliness, from when I was little.

It's taken me a while to feel comfortable with it - the main problem being that crying in front of someone sort of presumes that they give a **** about your feelings. Which is a lot to ask when you have really low self-esteem. But I've struggled through it, hoping it will pay off somehow.

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I've had 3 therapists and have cried in the first session at all 3.
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I'm not in therapy at the moment, but I cried allll the time when I did go. Starting with my first session. My therapist would say, "Why are you sad?" and I'd say, "I'm not sad! I'm anxious!" I never found it embarassing, though.. I know that therapists deal with people crying all day long.
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Yes, the past is painful and my future is bleak.
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No. I can only do so in front of people with whom I'm intimate.

I almost did in front of my GP. Also, one time, in meltdown, I did in front of a disability mentor, slamming my head everywhere, but the crying was just a side-effect of the brain glitch.
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Not with my current therapist but in the past I've been inconsolable at times. I see crying in therapy as a good thing.
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