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Originally Posted by nonhuman View Post
Don't feed the troll. This is a nice thread, so I keep on posting.

It would be a big exposure for me to randomly talk to a woman on the street. I did that in the past and I really sucked at it, but now that I remember how frightful this thought is, I guess I still have to do it again, right?
Oh yeh, its a tough exposure though. It might be easier to work up to it and you need to do it with regularity. I have a similar set of goals, haven't really made it past the first stage atm, but I am doing:

1. Asking people for the time
2. Asking women for the time
3. Smiling and saying hi to women

3. I can't do on the street though (have done this at the gym), but perhaps it's an idea. Not sure quite how you graduate to talking to women randomly, but asking them for the time, or something else would certainly serve as an opening.

Heh, I just realised I have actually done that by accident when I asked for the time then commented and had a small convo on her unusual watch. So perhaps that might be a useful intermediary. Ask for the time then add a positive comment / ask about something.

The idea though is to do something that isn't too stressful and do it a lot then gradually increase the intensity. I do a few daily, but its probably more efficacious to just spam the **** out of it (like I did on the day of asking). Tougher though.

Oh I should add, another reason to start small here is so you get used to promoting positive and friendly body language (this is much harder to do if you are doing harder tasks straight away, because you are more nervous and you forget). You don't want negative reactions on these tasks (unless you are purposefully trying to elicit them, in which case you do ).

Originally Posted by Cassoulet94 View Post

I have no idea what is the Noah method is and I don't really give a ****. However it's true that exposure is supposed to be paired with cognitive work to have maximum efficiency, so yeah basically working on thoughts, as in CBT. You just practise exposure or do you also try to recondition yourself ? Not discussing the releavance of what you are doing, I'm just interested since you say you make progress while I have found that in my case exposure alone is not really enough.
Thought challenging is dangerous for me in general since it is too close to performing compulsions in pure O OCD, so I won't purposefully use it. I probably do do it sometimes though (I definitely do it post exposure automatically to cut down that rumination) Yeh most likely efficacy could be improved with it. I should say I don't just do exposure therapy, I am doing talk therapy with a psychologist too.

I have absolutely no problem with thought challenging in though. Noah isn't offering CBT though, he is a marketeer *******ising CBT into a "no effort" form so he can get YT subs and sell his ebook. I just don't like people trying to promote their own therapies (or other therapies) that have no established legitimate psychological credibility, and I especially don't like it when they try to do it by dismissing those therapies that do.

Enough about me, lets talk about you, what do you think about me?
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