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Dr Confused

I'm confused as to which type of Doctor I should see. I have seen a therapist in the past and feel like it is pointless. I talk and they write stuff down. I decided maybe I should try a psychiatrist who can maybe better diagnose me. My general Dr's nurse said he usually recommends therapists, but I feel like I need to try something else. Maybe I don't really understand the difference? I don't like medication it makes me feel like ****, but I feel so nervous and anxious around people and don't know how to handle it. I've tried to google the difference, but can anyone explain to me in very simple terms why I'd want to see a psychiatrist over a therapist or vise versa?
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pyschiatrists generally are there to prescribe medication and if you are definite that you dont want that then no point in seeing one, but if you are open minded to trying medication again then seeing one may, and I emphasis may, help you find a medication that suits you. A good pyschiatrist will help you find the right therapy / therapist as well.

A combination of both therapist/CBT/MCBT and the right med from a psychiatrist would be my suggestion.
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Psychiatrists hand out medications. Last year I had a psychiatrist who would not stop squawking "Therapy" like some neurotic parrot. I fired her. I know what therapy is and don't need it repeated to me 50 times!
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Thanks for the response. So I was reading that psychiatrists also diagnose or do other kinds of therapy. I'm not sure if therapists also do that? My general doctor just prescribed me anti depressants/anxiety so I guess that's what he diagnosed me as? But I feel like there is something more or I just wish someone would explain to me flat out what it is. I don't feel depressed, and the meds make me feel depressed and miserable. I just want a trained mental health professional to give me a straight answer.
I'll guess I'll just have to do some searching around.
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Psychiatrists just prescribe pills, usually they don't do much talking. Therapists usually talk more. You should make sure you know what type of therapy the therapist you are seeing or going to see does. They all can be vastly different. CBT is a lot of talking, but then Exposure therapy involves a lot less talking and more doing.

Finding a mental health professional is kinda confusing, because you'd expect them all to be good or know what they are doing. But actually their ideas are all drastically different, treatment is drastically different from therapist to therapist. And psychiatrist to psychiatrist. First you might want to read up on the different types of therapy you want to try, and go from there. Basically mental health treatment is more of an art than a science at this point which makes it even more confusing.
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