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I used to be so uncomfortable around guys, my female therapist had suggested seeing a male therapist when she had to leave. I did, but I felt I learned a lot more from my female therapist. It was just so hard for me to open up to the male therapist. Didn't work out. If I were to see a therapist again, I'll probably stick with a female.
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I like both, but I like go with male, he tend to be direct and analytic when approaching my problem, his a little cold but honest and knows what I'm having.

With the female, she is more caring and heartwarming, but too much niceness made me feel awful & guilty. I'm optimistic but I don't want to get emotional and ironically I'm sensitive.
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Female.. I had a male therapist once, and it was a horrible experience. I just couldn't talk to him. And then he became confrontational about me not opening up to him? That's when I fired him. lol
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Female. I have "daddy issues", that manifest themselves in ways I won't talk about. Hahaha.


I'm going to start with a quote against Social Darwinism; then, a discussion of the Gilded Age, the robber barons, the Great Society, how we ended up with a huge wealth disparity in this country; and then, I'm going to end with a bluegrass version of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power."
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Definitely female. I don't like bonding with adult men.
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I'd prefer a male, I have trouble relating and communicating with women for some reason.
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Both are awkward. I had one male therapist that would say weird things. He invited on his boat. He told me to go to the little league field and watch little league games. He asked about my masturbation habits.
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Female. I've had male and female counselors, but I feel more at ease with the females.
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