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Did it take you multiple tries?

I've seen three therapists and one psychiatrist who also gave therapy. I felt like three of them were there to please my mother and not me (was not my idea to go), and I wasn't in need to the last one when my mother made me go to her. I feel like I might be ready now, though. The thing is, I've revisited therapists before at my own request, then I would stop going after the first or second week. I just don't know.. did it take you multiple tries?
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The therapist and psychiatrist I first saw at 14 were incompetent imbeciles. I got lucky on my second attempt ten years later and found someone who is worth a ****. I think you have to do some research and find one that specializes in what ever it is you need treated. I would also look for someone older so that they have more experience dealing with a wider array of mental issues. Most mental health professionals simply go by the book and are unequipped to handle mental illness, but I suppose it's better to try anyway.
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It can definitely take a few tries. Finding the right person who will actually help you is hard. I stopped going to my first therapist because I didn't feel like they actually cared about me and they asked me to call or email them to set up the next appointment (two of my biggest fears) and then never checked back when I didn't. This time around I think the fit is better, but it might be too hard to tell.
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Finding someone you can connect with to open up to is definitely one of the harder things to adapt to when starting therapy. Having to switch around and not clicking with your therapist is not uncommon and it may take a few tries to before you find someone who you feel comfortable enough with to share a connection.

However, do remember, that it is a process for both you and your therapist to get to that point. Building trust and increasing the level of self disclosure needs just as much work on your part along with your therapists.

You might have to stick it out for the first few sessions to get a real feel of how things are going. Another thing I suggest to make therapy work for you is to feel free to take lead of the session and tell your therapist what you want to focus on, talk about, etc.

Your desire to get help yourself and to get better is the key source to what drives the session and the whole process of you on this journey to get better.

I wish you the best of luck and hang in there!
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Oh, forgot to mention my own experience.

I was very against therapy my first time going, I had too much pride and the idea was just not appealing. I felt like I was sacrificing the control I thought I had or not have...whatever it was, I needed help and the option was there and it was my only option for help at the time.

It took me a month or two or weekly sessions to really understand and get a feel for my therapist. I stuck it through the whole "getting to know me sessions" and forced myself to go whenever I felt like not going and when I was really frustrated and thinking "what the f***k is the point" I confronted my therapist about it to see what he had to say. He was working and trying to piece things together as hard as I was working to convey the pieces clearly to him.

I was very fortunate that I had a very experienced therapist for my first experience and he ended up impressing and helping me out a great deal in becoming self aware of myself along with understanding my thought processes and behaviors.

Unfortunately, I made the decision to transfer schools and had to get a new therapist...she wasn't quite my cup of tea and I did not get a good vibe at all on my first few sessions, however I took control and requested a change.

The therapist I have now is different from my first, but we get along fine and his perspective is very helpful none the less. He keeps me hanging on for sure.

I will share that there were times I was very lazy and unmotivated about keeping consistent of my appointments, however, my therapists fortunately did care enough to reach out to me and call me and ask me what was wrong and etc and also gave me the pep talk I needed to keep myself on track of the goal I had for myself: getting better.

Don't give up! It's a journey and take it a day at a time.
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