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I guess I just got lucky? I've been seeing the same psychologist for over eight years now and she's been such a huge help for me. Sure I still have serious problems, but I have made a lot of progress in a lot of areas. She's helped me realize so much about myself. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She's opened my mind about so many things. I'm dealing with stuff today that I had buried for what seems like forever.

Although I do understand having terrible experiences with therapists. I've had some bad ones myself. Like the on guy who decided that being confrontational with me was the answer to my problems. I fired his butt so fast!

My therapist actually treats me with respect. We joke around, and even talk about stuff like science, movies, and politics. I get along better with her than my own family. lol

So if you have had crappy therapists, please keep trying. Eventually you just might find an awesome one who can really help you!

always lonely..
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I haven't read all the posts. but I'm a person pursuing a counseling degree myself. I'll have a counseling license and can be considered a "therapist" in the future. From what I hear these therapists or psychologists were doing so much harm by being so quick to label. I think the DSM 5 plays a part. Mainly we would have to give a diagnosis in some cases just because of insurance. So that the person can financially still receive care. Its unfortunately a thing we can't get out of unless some things change. But personally I don't believe in labeling people with a "disorder" and the field is working on changing the language. And placing the person first. By not placing fault on the person for having issues that they have. Also sounds like these counselors from the experiences of the posters on this thread were not empathic and not truly understanding the client's world. That is the absolute essential basic part every counselor must have to be successful. I truly hope i never do any of the things that any of you experienced. I want to help ppl be successful and be their best selves.
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