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Anyone go but not for SA?

I feel really awkward using this as the reason. It's like I want to say.. I need to talk because I'm dying of cancer. I want there to be a big, serious reason.

I feel like therapists, as professional and mature as they are, still are humans, and nowdays with people going to school and graduating in few years, they're young, it's like they're just everyday kind of people too. The same people you see at the supermarket, same ones you see picking up their kids and talking to their husbands on their cell while sitting in traffic.

It's like they're here to help yet they're also the enemy in a way.. Has anyone experienced this before? Where you went in thinking they'd help but leave feeling like they look at you the same as everyone else?
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Re: Anyone go but not for SA?

Social anxiety is a serious reason. You will feel social around any person, no matter what their profession is. A lot of people even get it around their parents.

As for what you said here "Where you went in thinking they'd help but leave feeling like they look at you the same as everyone else?"

Are you saying they did help you, but afterwards you were afraid they thought badly of you? Or did you mean that, like most people, it seemed like they didn't really understand Social anxiety and how it affects you? If you meant the latter, its possible your therapist doesn't have any knowledge or experience with SA, some of them dont.
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Re: Anyone go but not for SA?

If you suffer from SA, then you will have a sensitivity to what others think about you, no matter who they are. People with SA tend to hide who they are from others, fearful that their 'real' selves are worthless and unlikable.

In therapy you reveal FAR more about yourself than in almost any other sphere - so given the above you are almost BOUND to feel that way, after all, that is how you have been programmed.

I find it helpful in therapy to actually ask what they are thinking. It takes some bravery, but as they know I am being treated for this kind of thing, if I find myself getting paranoid its so helpful just to say "do you think x and y about me?" or "I feel so ashamed of that - I feel so pathetic". The more you confess to these feelings, the more the therapist can show you its ok - but if you keep the feelings in then they can only get worse.

Therapists arent psychic - thats something I have learned! Gove em as much info as you can - psychotherapy is a COLLABORATIVE effort - its not like surgery when you passivley sit and get a scalpel or whatever. In therapy you have to pour out those emotions that trouble you - thats the whole point!

good luck!!

On to concentrate on bright things Stuck around in hopes to help, didnt seem like there was much left I could do anymore ... good luck and comfort to those who are on their own path and hope for those yet to take their first step! Much Love
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