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Thank you Drew. You did a great thing by reimagining this site. Thank you to the originals Becky and Thunder also. I just want to urge anyone, anxious or not, to find someone to talk to if its overwhelming. And if that is not possible, then find some healthy expression, writing, art or sound.

Anxiety-free since a quarter a' three...
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Wow, what a shock. I remember Drew and how he built this community. He kept busy adminstering this site and emphasizing its policies, and I don't recall him saying much of anything about himself. It's not always easy being open when you are struggling. That's true whether its SA, depression, bipolar, physical problems, marital problems, or finances.

RIP, Drew. I pray for those left behind.
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Been so preoccupied with my own woes and just came across this so it's sad to hear about him having his own struggles and not overcoming them.

I've been coming here off and on for 13 years. (Different account/forgot password/email.) Out of curiosity I started looking for who was still posting from the old days and saw the announcement from Helena_SAS from 2013. I remember the site when Becky and Thunder were still owners but either forgot or missed that they sold in 2008. Too bad they couldn't come back.
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By like this... do you mean that it was suicide...? That's tragic but that was his choice... so... erm... good for him?

I can only share how I cope and what I've noticed... hoping that it might help the ones still living.

I discovered that depression can be a result of malnutrition, and the Standard American Diet is called SAD for a good reason... lack of vitamins and minerals and added toxins can only destroy our bodies and mind. Nutrition didn't make my life events better, but it helped me feel better in my bdy and have the strength to handle the bad... But even the good requires energy, especially social interactions, exhaustion and sleep deprivation is a torture best avoided... Phobias are the body asking that. Generous people tend to exhaust themselves to death for others... I think Robin Williams was so desperate to cheer people up that he ended up depressed into exhaustion even deeper... When putting yourself first and taking care of your needs is more unthinkable than death... tragedy can happen...

I think I've been diagnosed as bipolar too... and depression... which can be caused by low blood sugar and low thyroid (consequences of malnutrition relying of high sugar foods without nutrients)... But I wasn't tested for it... merely dismissed as crazy and relentlessly pressured into taking drugs... when antidepressants cause depression and psychosis... no thanks... I begged for years to have my blood sugar tested in a glucose tolerance test before dismissing my suffering as "just in my head"... since I need my brain to live... and this was the result:

The white zone is safe, the darkest zones are deadly

When I eat processed grains and sugar, I digest it too fast without plant fibers and fats... so my blood sugar goes too high... then my pancreas has to secrete a lot of insulin fast, exhausting it... then I crash... then my adrenals have to secrete adrenalin to tell the liver to release sugar storages... and the adrenaline rush feels like a panic attack... because I am in the deadly zone and could crash and die... but my adrenal glands don't get enough B complex, C calcium and magnesium to do their job... so I plain crash... It feels worse than death, so I confuse dying with wanting to die, and I just want the agony to be over with... Even doctors recommend eating pure sugary candy or cola... which sends you straight back on the roller coaster of hell... forcing the body to spend energy when he doesn't have the nutrients to do those body processes forces the body to cannibalize vital organs for vitamins and minerals... as if not having enough to renew your cells wasn't painful enough...

And many people endure this torture... and when they ask for help... they're told that they have bad will, that their personality, who they are as a person, is a disease... they are given drugs to control them while they struggle desperately against death, while their bodies are SCREAMING for proper care... against REAL internal danger... and when the toxic drugs make people worse, by making people feel powerless and defective instead to empower them to do better self care... and by poisoning people... they prescribe more drugs, blaming the person... and when the person get better in spite of that poison, the drug gets praised, when the person might have healed even more without it.

If you want sedatives, take a whole lot of vitamin C with some magnesium and calcium... zinc is fun too.
If you want energy, take the B complex, you can't burn energy without it. Make sure you get twice as much vitamin C to heal the burns.

If someone blames your mind, feelings and who you are, kick that person out of your life. Find better self care solutions instead.

Don't blame the fat and will power... blame the toxic food that leaves you hungry for nutrients and full of toxins that addicts you...

Food is to nourish you, not for pleasure... fake flavors will fool your body into thinking it has even more nutrition than natural foods, but they don't taste band when you get used to eat real.

So many people suffer and die because we'd rather drug ourselves than eat properly... obsessed about calories and looks instead of nutritive vitamins and minerals that we need.

Lack of vitamin C cause scurvy, which feels like an intense physical and mental agony. Lack of B vitamins cause dementia... but we blame sanity and old age.

People are so ignorant... The movie idiocracy is already happening... and all I can do is try to save myself... but I suck at it too... but I just wish someone had told me sooner...

"You're not insane... the way society tells you to take care of yourself is."

I read about adrenal fatigue, naturopathy, nutrition... and under the ads, straight into the mud, I found a better way to live... It was probably too late for me... or maybe not I'm still alive...

I'm sorry for the people who died... trusting the wrong people and not having the right knowledge to save themselves without putting themselves out of their own misery with death...

I wish taking a pill could undo years of abuse and neglect... could allow us to do whatever we want anyhow... but I think learning how to live properly with good self care is more noble than learning how to get bigger stuff and more likes on facebook.

But what do I know. I'm insane.

Feeling bad is a symptom of bad self care, not of being a bad person. Increase the vital nutrients that you need. Especially C, B and magnesium. Replace sugars, grains, corn, soy and chemicals by colorful vegetables, meats and fresh fats. They stabilize your blood sugar & mind. Get rid of toxic things & people. Take care, rest and you'll heal. Trust your body. Let your instincts guide you to safety. Tree Of Wolf ~
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This breaks my heart... I remember seeing his name on here years ago.
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I just logged in for the first time in years. I joined in 2005 and I remember Drew well when he was the admin. I'm very sorry to hear he's died. R.I.P.
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That's horrible. Suicide is one of the most heartbreaking ways someone can go. Just thinking about someone you knew, talked to, touched, loved and then learning that they took their own life doesn't seem real.
It doesn't seem tangible. I wish more people were aware of this reality.
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