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Previous SAS Owner, Andrew Mohebbi (Drew)...

Last night, I found out that the previous owner of Social Anxiety Support, Andrew Mohebbi (we knew him as 'Drew'), passed away in December.

Some of you may have been around to experience first-hand the positive impact Drew had on our community. Over several years, he poured his heart into his work in transitioning this site into the state in which you see it today. If you weren't able to see that, yourself, then you should know that where ChrisA (the original owner) and Becky & Thunder (second [co-]ownership, who then passed it on to Drew) laid the foundation of Social Anxiety Support, Drew built upon it... And he built it high... very high.

A few years ago, I worked with Drew here as a moderator. While he was a very private person who only very rarely spoke of his personal life, it was clear in working with him that he was passionate about this site and, even more so, his desire to help people who were mentally and emotionally suffering. It was also clear, though, that he suffered from problems of his own, and only now do I learn that he didn't just suffer from Social Anxiety, but also Bipolar Disorder.

What difficulties he must have had in life... I had no idea it was bad enough to end like this... This was a blindside, and I feel sick over it... That I am even writing this right now - the idea that it ended this way - is just... unfathomable...

He was very troubled, but everyone here should know that we have him to thank, at least in part, for the community we have here today...

So, thank you, Drew..

Andrew, our beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend took his own life on December 26, 2014. He was just 31 years old. He is survived by his father and mother, Kathy and Hadi Mohebbi, and brother, Matthew, and extended family and friends, whose lives he touched in his own special way.

Andrew suffered from Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety. Mental illness is insidious- it distorts memory and perception, leaving one feeling hopeless and alone. Andrew, a kind and creative man, grew discouraged, his diseases taking control of his bright spirit. Despite the best efforts of his supportive family and friends, and the best therapy and treatment available, he simply could not see a future for himself. He will be remembered for his wit, generosity, thoughtfulness, empathy and especially, his adventurous nature.

Whether skydiving in New Zealand, exploring Europe with his brother, traveling solo across the United States by motorcycle, traversing the Trans-America Trail, riding through the Copper Canyon, enjoying the ocean, climbing volcanos in Guatemala or summiting Mount Kilimanjaro all with friends, Andrew lived with such energy and joy, inspiring everyone around him.

When he wasn’t out exploring, Andrew thrived as an entrepreneur, building successful online communities that served millions of users. His need to help others was particularly evident in his company, Social Anxiety Support, wherein he rallied sufferers and mental health professionals to work towards a shared goal of providing better resources for the mental health community. He saw the needs of others and worked endlessly to identify solutions to help address them. Still, he could not do this for himself.

We make this commitment to Andrew, his memory and to those who battle mental illness: we will continue to share his story, to help break down the mental health stigmas he hated and to help improve the understanding and treatment of these diseases.

We pray our dearest Andrew has found peace, and that he remains in touch with all of his passions. With all our love, now and forever, your family and friends.

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Oh wow... that sucks. I remember he was very good when he was here. He always responded to requests and issues quickly and seemed to care a lot. I can't believe he was the same age as me too. This is very sad....
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This is so sad, I don't know what to say

that's what she said
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Bye Drew. Thanks
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I am in total shock. I just found out about this before this thread was started.
As Just Lurking mentioned, he was rather private. I found out more from the website than I did from him in the four years I knew him.

The sad part is that I would have understood what he was facing if I had known.
Bipolar Disorder is a beast. I have seen this in my own mother (even last night!) with her thinking and how I have had to help her process things.

This can be regulated, but it takes work. These illnesses are covering up beautiful people. Society's stigmas don't make it any better - we have to stand up through them. Actress Patty Duke is a living example of beating the Disorder.

If there is someone reading this thread who is facing this kind of issue, please don't be afraid to open up. It's not weakness to ask for help. It's strength when more than one are banding together for the sake of improvement.

RIP Drew.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


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What a great guy he must've been to know. Rest in peace..

Forever in our hearts | T.C
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this is really surprising but i guess maybe it shouldnt be

from his interactions and what i saw he was a busy guy with an active life, never really revealed much. RIP Drew
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RIP Drew, thanks for everything, SAS wouldn't be what it is without you
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I didn't even know the guy but I'm really speechless. It's sad how even being so involved in life doesn't mean much when your brain tells you otherwise.

All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to do something amazing.
/ Le hablé de ti al desierto, y llovió.
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Drew deserves a lot of credit for making the site what it is today. Terrible tragedy that he is no longer with us. RIP
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I didn't know Drew, but I'm grieving together with you who did.

I hope he could at least feel happy about all the good things he has done for others. It's not fair that he died so young.
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So sorry to hear this sad news.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Thanks for all you did in making this site what it was and is.
Sorry things got so bad for you.
R.I.P Andrew.

We've all got a little bit of royal blood in our veins, we're all in line for the succession, and if nineteen million, four hundred thousand, two hundred and eight people die, I'll be king tomorrow. It's not very likely but its a nice thought and helps keep me going.


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May he rest in peace.
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This makes me sad. RIP

"The Patriarchy is a system. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."
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A family friend of ours had Bipolar, he was successful, wealthy, had a happy family, lots of friends and standing in his community; he also took his own life. Like the obituary says, the illness distorts the sufferers thinking leaving them hopeless and alone.

Rest in peace.
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I remember him, but didn't know much about him. He done some pretty neat things in his time, I never would've expected it though.

Originally Posted by Dre12 View Post
A family friend of ours had Bipolar, he was successful, wealthy, had a happy family, lots of friends and standing in his community; he also took his own life. Like the obituary says, the illness distorts the sufferers thinking leaving them hopeless and alone.

Rest in peace.
Steven Fry has bipolar disorder too, he has went through a hell of a lot. The documentary he done about it was a good watch.
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Makes me realize that I've only spent a fraction of my time on SAS helping others.

I've mostly wasted hours arguing about irrelevant topics, seeking drama or occasionally belittling others.

Drew sounded like a sweet person.
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I found out about this last night and spent most of the night very uneasy, sad and quite frankly was left in a bit of frantic. This news is horrific and I don't know what words to use other then it's made me feeling sick , this is so awful.

It's so.... Terribly.. shocking.

As well as Just Lurking, I helped with Moderating the site and worked with him as well. Drew never expressed or shared his issues (the severity of his SA nor did I know about the bipolar)....never knew how deeply hurting he was. All I can say is I'm shocked and I'm so sorry he felt so low and didn't know where to turn.

Right now, and for the past 14 hours I have and continuously am trying to process things of what I could of done differently or what I could of said to him to help him and change this path. He was a very sensitive and passionate person. He had a lot of bright idea's and moved SAS and grew it out successfully to help many of us here.

Without the work he did to build the site from where it was at there would have been a lot of people not finding what many of us now call our “home” (SAS). I am sure this place has made many people feel less alone and be supportive to "get through the day"... I know it has for me.

I'm just speechless.. and in shock... and I'll keep saying that through this post.. It's just.....

I remember him working/ volunteering for a suicide prevention hot line in his mothers basement (due to SA...) and he put his own suffering on hold so that he could help others. There is a lot to be said in just that.

He never would open up and never asked for support from members when he needed it most, yet he offered it....

I'm just so sad and have so many regrets. Again; mind is just going back to "wow... this isn't real".

I can't believe he's gone. I just.... don't know how to process this.

Thank you for making the site what it is now, Drew. At times it might not of shown; but you will be missed. RIP
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He was before my time, but that's very sad to hear. Sounds like Drew was a good person, RIP

Đhis girl is a tortoise, wandering in the long grass and streaming rain, between fire and ice in a sense
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