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Originally Posted by lilyamongthorns View Post
I understand. I tried pastoral counseling twice, it was awful. I know it was helpful for some of my church friends but definitely not helpful for me. The only people who were helpful for me was a Christian lady at my church who actually had her MFT license and at another church I took an anxiety/stress workshop-support group run by a Christian man who was a Psychologist. See what other churches in your area have to offer. Try out different counselors. It's like trying to find the right doctor, some are bad, some are great.
Some Christian people can't find a good Church. I think I'm one of the unfortunates. Even Bible teacher Steve Gregg who's been in the ministry for 50 years, said that in His travels He's met some Christians who have tried one church after another but can't find one that is any good. Before I can put my trust in a Churches Pastor I must first find a good Church. You got no idea how big of a problem this is here. Because you don't know me and my situation well enough. Was reflecting on my Church situation, and then it hit me that I've never been in a good Church. When I say "good" I mean good enough. Because no Church is perfect.

The very First Church I remember, I got picked on right in Sunday School class. They tied my shoe strings to the desk and wouldn't pay attention to the teacher.

The Second Church I tried, I attended for 20 years. Faithfully every Sunday, with the exception of a sick day here or there. In all of those years nobody tried to make friends with me. Any attempt that I tried to outreach to someone just got shrugged off.

The Third Church I tried. This one surprised me. I actually got involved with it. Made some friends for a while... But it only lasted 3 years. I trusted the Pastor and even told him some of my issues. I was anointed with oil. Unfortunately the Pastor of that Church wasn't always up an up, and the some of the people began to realize that He was shady. The Church split, some rumors got started, I lost all my friends, and after several years after that Pastor left, the place closed it's doors.

The Fourth Church I attended for 2 years. I tried to reach out some people. Tried to make some friendships. But the People and Pastor just didn't care. I ended up leaving.

The Church I am at now. I don't agree with it. It's a place to go sing and hear a message. But it's not the right place for me.
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