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View Poll Results: What is your favourite takeout?
PIZZA 6 46.15%
Burger 1 7.69%
Fish and Chips 0 0%
Indian 1 7.69%
Chinese 4 30.77%
Japanese 0 0%
Mexican 1 7.69%
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What is your favourite takeout?

can be any
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It depends on my mood. In the past two weeks, I've ordered Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, and North American. I went on an Indian curry kick a bit before that.

Variety is best!
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Haven't ordered any for ages - but my wife and I used to like just getting a pizza. I also must have bought about a thousand charcoal-grilled chickens (and chips and salads etc).
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Definitely Mexican then Chinese/Japanese. I love getting Teriyaki chicken and rice with veggies. So good. But Mexican is my preference.
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Loves me some burgers. We used to get Wendy's or McDonald's at least once a week... I really miss fast food burgers. Homemade burgers just never taste the same, even though I tried looking it up and following some directions I found.

Nowadays we eat out maybe once in two months. Homemade food is getting tiresome to say the least.

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If I want something on a whim then I'll go to mcdonalds or A&W for a burger. If I feel like waiting I'll call in and place an order for some Chinese food, love fried rice with chicken balls and sweet & sour sauce. General taio chicken is really good too.
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Lately it's been Sonic. I really like their burgers and they have potato tots and corn dogs, which most places don't have. I don't go often, because it's unhealthy. Before that I liked going to Taco Bell, but they got too expensive with their meals, and stopped having things I liked.

McDonald's I don't care for usually but for some reason I used to get cravings for a Big Mac and a Coke, but not really anymore.

I miss A&W. There used to be one in the mall and I would go there to eat. The corn nuggets were really good.
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1. Pizza
2. Southern fried chicken
Joint 3rd. Burger, Chinese, fish & chip

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Indian. I could eat curry every day.

#2 Pizza.
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I will say Pizza. Since it's the only thing I probably will not notice a degrade in quality and taste if I don't eat it on the spot or soon after.

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