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Were you popular in school?

Yes or no?
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Funnily enough I was reasonably popular I think. I never had any problems with bullying etc like so many people here did - I guess I was lucky. I was sort of like a long-haired nerd - all I really ever did was study and go to the library but I was friends with most people. I guess I'm still a bit like that - I can sort of get along with most people, I think because I can usually talk to them.
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I certainly wasn't popular but I had a good group of friends including some of the "popular" kids. I knew most everyone in my class and they knew me and I would occasionally go to parties or see them at shows etc. But I was never part of the in-crowd. I wasn't like a social outcast either. Just average I guess, with crappier social skills than everyone else.

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Generally liked but not "popular". Playing sports gave me automatic status in the jungle that is school, as well as a built-in friend group. Once I got depressed enough to quit sports it wasn't long before I dropped out of school altogether.
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lol **** no

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Haha no I was not, I wouldn't have liked that kind of attention anyways. I was in between and generally got along with most
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I was popular with the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
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Nope, not at all. I had 0 friends in HS.

I was sort of popular in 4th grade. I had 5 close friends in 4th grade. If having 5 friends is considered popular.
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Nope. Mostly only known to my own social circle and an unknown to the popular people in school. Everyone is pretty much like this unless you're within the social circle of cheerleaders or participated in the more popular sports like football or basketball. I did cross country my last year in school, which isn't really a "popular" cool kids sport. But within my social circle, I guess you could say I am popular. But who isn't within their own social circle. That said, none of that really matters anymore to my current point in life. I've lost touch with majority of them ages ago.

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Does being the primary target of most of the bullies in my middle school count as "popular"? I'd think not.

By high school introversion had really taken over so I was probably one of the least remarkable, unknown kids at that school. I drifted around a few different cliques but never made any real friends -- but no enemies either. Spent every weekend at home, doing homework and playing video games. Good times.

University would have been the same the first time around, if not for their damned Ecclesiastical Endorsements. I couldn't be unknown because I skipped church too often and almost got kicked out on two separate occasions because of it; I think I developed a bad reputation pretty quickly. But I didn't care; I just wanted to get out of that ****ing place.

"Here we may reign secure, and in my choyce / To reign is worth ambition though in Hell: / Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n" - "Satan", Paradise Lost
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I was infamous. I had a few friends, who were also neurotic weirdos, but almost everyone hated me. So many people threatened to kick my *** I lost count. A few of them did kick my ***. Eventually I stopped going to school. I was definitely not the quiet person that everyone ignored.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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nope. never, didnt even talk in school. though once in college it was time to speak i didnt like the experience as it went all downhill after high school my social life was poor to non existent

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence and than success is sure," Mark Twain

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Nope, definitely not. At one point I went to a really small school and most people still didn't know who I was. I kept to myself because I was so shy.
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i was.
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no, but I got plenty of applause and cheers from my class when I graduated. It surprised me very much. I really just minded my own business, but I was friendly when I had to be, and participated in class.

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I've never been popular anywhere in my life. My recurring pattern is I go mostly unnoticed (even when I try hard to be noticed) except for being a vague annoyance (the reaction is usually "Stop posting so much" or "Keep your messages shorter") and/or trolled (probably because I'm gullible and easily upset and that appeals to trolls). School was no different.

In elementary school I was somewhat known as a good student and rather creative, but after sixth grade this changed. My closest friend moved away and my shyness began to turn into social anxiety disorder so I started to withdraw. I was then mostly invisible. Had a few friends off and on but most of the time was alone and kept to myself. Stayed out of trouble. Was teased/bullied some but mostly just ignored. My creativity and intelligence weren't considered unique anymore; lots of others did better than I did. I seemed to have a vague reputation as a "good writer" but it wasn't based on anything factual, because none of my peers had actually read anything of mine; I was always carrying a folder of my material around so I think this was what the reputation was based on. Whenever somebody said they'd heard I was a good writer (I don't know who from) and I offered to let them read something, they declined. So it was an empty reputation. :/

My schools didn't have clearcut "cliques" but I didn't fit in with any groups anyway, not even the smart "nerdy" students, because those students were also outgoing and overachieving in that they took part in lots of after-school things which I did not do. So I was just middling smart, not exceptional.

Teachers tend to remember me for some reason which I don't understand, since literally all I did was get good grades, I didn't stand out or excel or participate in anything extracurricular whatsoever. (A guidance counselor expressed concern for me but it never went anywhere, not even when I identified a pair of bullies I'd been dealing with.)

Unfortunately, teachers seem to remember me in the context of thinking I was going to make something of myself (again, I don't know why or where they got this idea), and so whenever I run into them they're first hopeful to hear how I'm doing but then disappointed when they learn I haven't accomplished anything in my life whatsoever. -_-

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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Originally Posted by Micronian View Post
no, but I got plenty of applause and cheers from my class when I graduated. It surprised me very much.

Me too! It actually shocked me when it happen too, it was totally unexpected. And it's not like they were doing it for everyone. Something I've never forgotten.

Everybody knows you only live a day but it's brilliant anyway
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My brother and sister were kinda popular.They can talk to anyone about nothing for hours.I was just the shy and quiet little brother but at least people didn't mess with me because they knew I wasn't alone. Thank god for my siblings.
I was never a bully victim because bullies/cowards usually target people who are alone because.. well they are cowards.
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Hardly. I was a wallflower. Had virtually no friends in high school.
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