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Both 24 55.81%
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Viva La Raza!
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I like to have work acquaintances, be it online or irl because they can help your career along but as far as friends go I'd rather not have any.
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I strongly prefer online friends because I'm much more comfortable interacting online. It's also easier to get out of situations that are uncomfortable when you can pull a plug and fake internet troubles or whatever. Meeting people IRL has always seemed like such a hassle, and I'm always nervous with people in person.

I wish I could just do everything online all the time.

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experimental sincerity
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I used to prefer online friends but have since changed my mind. I fear that for someone like me, who might use the internet as a 'replacement' for the real world, online friends are not far off from phantasies in a schizoid worldview. Also, ironically, I found that relationships online were no more 'deep' or 'real' than the ones I have offline.

What I like about online relationships is that it's easier to find a good fit in terms of shared interests, views, etc.

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I prefer real life friends since you can do stuff with them in real life and interact with them face to face, but I do have online friends too. I've made some great friends online and met quite a few of them in real life. And I would like to make more online friends, right now I really just have two from this forum.
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I don't think I could do friendship in real life as there is too much talking you need to do. If I am with someone in person then it is usually the person I am in a relationship with.
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I don't know how to make online friends if I could. It was slightly easier when I was younger and spent more time on the internet, but even then it was hard to find people online I could connect with. These days I forget everything and my ability to reply back and keep conversations going is awful so I don't bother.

There's a quote from Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being that resonates with me:

"I swear, even on the Internet people can give off a virtual smell that other people pick up on, although I don't see how that's possible. It's not like a real smell, with molecules and pheromone receptors and so on, but it's just as obvious as the stink of fear in your armpits or the vibe you give off when you're poor and don't have any confidence or nice stuff. Maybe it's something in the way your pixels start behaving, but I was definitely starting to have it."

It's hard for me to meet/make friends in-person and I think I must carry the same off-putting traits online, or something. Not sure. I don't think people like initiating with someone who isn't likely to engage or reply back, but that wasn't always the case with me. Maybe they didn't like what I typed or how I typed it. I felt like too it was because I never really revealed a lot about myself online so people could never really find a meaningful way to reach out, which didn't help me with feeling isolated with my own thoughts and feelings with things.

I wish I could meet people online who lived close enough for me to know them in-person, that would be my preference, but it hardly lucks out that way. Unless I wanted to meet someone through an app or something, but I have plenty of reservations about those.
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I like my online friend the most. I don't have any other friends in real life, other than family.

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You tell me
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In most cases real life. But i have one online one that I've had for over ten years now and that friendship feels just as important as the irl ones.
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I've met great people online and I appreciate them but I still prefer a real life friendship, being able to interact in person and do activities with someone just goes so much further to build your friendship.
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Real life friends are better but hard to meet.
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