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Netflix vs Amazon Video

which one is better? I tried both of them. If I choose only to watch the videos with Amazon Prime it still gives me a better selection of movies and TV shows to watch. In Netflix a lot of the videos you cannot even download and I use the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, both the 8 inch and 6 inch in HD. And since you cannot many Netflix movies or TV shows this means there is going to be some lagging occurring which will cause the videos to look fuzzy even if you have the fastest internet. I don't know why but I have high speed internet and still it looks fuzzy a lot of times. Also Netflix doesn't have have a good selection of movies. It's like the rejected movies that people don't want to watch. And many movies and TV shows on Netflix aren't even available to watch online. You have to pay more I think for the DVDs to arrive by mail...
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Netflix sucks. Never tried the other one.
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We actually have both.

Amazon has a better selection of streamable videos and a better user interface.

The Netflix app sucks. You can't browse videos on Roku without them autoplaying while you're browsing, which is really annoying. And there's no way to complain. Netflix has no way to contact them, which means they don't give a damn.

That said, Netflix has a lot of movies available on DVD that Amazon doesn't offer for streaming.

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The UK/European version of netflix is different to the one in the US so I've heard. We both get all the original in-house shows, but here in Europe we also get stuff from the other big American TV companies who don't have much of a presence internationally. (who allow Netflix to buy the rights)

For example the UK Netflix gets some stuff from AMC, Showtime and HBO. For that reason Netflix over here is better than Amazon Prime.

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I have Netflix and can watch some Amazon videos since I have Prime. I use Netflix more, even though I think it sucks (or at least their streaming service does). I am tired of Netflix taking shows off that I like and adding their own shows, and it kind of feels like that's the direction they're moving towards (i.e. more originals, fewer...what to call it...mainstream shows/movies?).

Amazon Video doesn't even make sense to me. Like, it seems like you have to pay for entire seasons or, like, $2/a video or more to watch their videos, unless you get Prime. And then with Prime, you can't watch everything, and I definitely can't watch anything I actually want to watch without paying more than what I pay for Prime (which, makes it at least as bad as Netflix is, but, really, worse, even though you do get to choose from a wider selection--but it looks like you have to pay per for some of it). If this is not the case, then I'm having a hard time getting clarity about that.

I am more into TV shows than movies, and it looks like what I'm saying applies way more to TV shows, just taking a quick look, i.e. there are a lot of movies you can stream without paying more if you have Prime. I also use Chromecast, and I can't use that with the Amazon apps whereas I can with Netflix...but I can if I stream from my ultrabook or laptop Chrome browser. At least with Prime, you get more than just access to videos. Netflix video quality tends to be better when streaming from my phone than from anywhere else.

Ultimately, I feel like Netflix vs Prime, Netflix is more a waste of money but mainly because Amazon Prime gives you access to other stuff (free 2-day shipping, Amazon Music, some Kindle books, etc). I would choose Netflix over paying $2 or $25 for TV series and whatever for movies on Amazon Video. They both kind of suck, to me, though, in terms of videos, but it depends on what you like to watch.
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I'm not paying anyone to watch the stuff they're making these days. Hopefully ordinary Youtubers will just keep making halfway interesting nonfiction to keep me entertained until I reach the state of being at which I no longer need entertainment.

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I hate both. Netflix doesn't have the new releases, like Redbox, until months or years later and they don't have the classics either. Amazon is just a poor man's Netflix. I have HBO now and and Showtime anytime because 90 percent of the tv's show I like are made by them. If I really want to see a movie I go to the matinee at the theater opening weekend. I just wish Turner Movie Classic would create a standalone app so I can watch old movies without buying cable. Not sure why they are resisting.
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Netflix is dying while Amazon Video is current & probably will hoover up the future market (adding to Mr Bezos' wealth).

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why would you pay for netflix or any other bullcrap when there are sites that let you watch movies for free.
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Netflix 4K 5.1 on Xbox One S, 55" Samsung with HDR

Cut the cord years ago, cable was $120+ vs $12 for Netflix = no brainer

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Originally Posted by KurdishFella View Post
why would you pay for netflix or any other bullcrap when there are sites that let you watch movies for free.
I pay for movies on Amazon sometimes if I don't feel like using a VPN to download a movie. One of the benefits is that Amazon has an algorithm which suggests movies based on what you've watched. It's also nice to browse for movies there. Sometimes I use it to find a movie then download it if it's too expensive.

I prefer Amazon over Netflix because I already use Amazon for shopping, and quite a few movies come free with Amazon Prime.
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Amazon video because I have Prime. I don't watch a lot of movies/tv anyway.

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