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How old were your parents when they had you?

Mom: 24
Dad: 23
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Mom: 33
Dad: 26

6 years later my sister was born.
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Mom: 41
Dad: 42
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Don't know. I try not to think about it.
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My mother was 31 and my father 37. I was the last. Though there is nothing overly late about those ages, I always had the oldest parents of any of my peers. I don't think having them being experienced and a bit older helped much. It just contributed to them giving less of a ****.

It's funny, or rather, kind of sad, I was browsing around facebook the other day and I see my cousin, and I'm like, damn, didn't realize she was that old to have a five year old kid. Turned out she is 20.

Anyway, I can't pin my problems down to a late pregnancy, but I do think the smoking while knocked up didn't help. And I guess this all goes above and beyond the question.
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Dad: late 30s. Mom: mid 30s.

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They were both about 35.

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Mom 21
Dad 26

I think
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We've had a couple of these threads already but mom 24 and dad 25 (I think).

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mom: 33
💩: 26

Live for the progress that you've made.
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Mom 19
Dad 24
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They were both 27. My mum is a week older than my dad.

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Mom: 22
Dad: 26

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29 and 30

know yourself, love yourself
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Mom: 22
Dad: ...47

Edit: I'm upset that no one's parents have an age difference even close to mine... just another sign of how ****ed up my family is/was...
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Dad was 40, mom 34.
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My mum was 31 and my dad was 36 when I was born.

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Mom was 33 and my dad was 37. I'm the second child.
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Mother: 33
Father: 36 (?)

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25 and 27 It was a stupid mistake they made which resulted in me suffering my whole life. But they weren't mentally healthy themselves to begin with. Just stupid idiots that decided to have a kid just ''because everyone should have/used to have them at that point of their life''. They also got married for the same reason and it was beyond awful. My dad started to be physically abusive and behaving like a jerk since my mother got pregnant.

Never have children unless you've read hundreds of psychology books and you're mentally healthy yourself so you can provide everything that is needed for a child.
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