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Reecedouglas1 10-17-2019 10:50 AM

How many rooms are in your home?
I have 7

Paul 10-17-2019 03:12 PM

Counting all the closets and pantry and bathroom and kitchen, my one bedroom apartment has 9 rooms.

White Shirt Guy 10-17-2019 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by BeautyandRage (Post 1093821453)
Might need to specify more? Rooms including kitchen and other things or just bedrooms? I have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 big walk in closet upstairs. Downstairs has 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, another walk in closet, and laundry. So 11 I guess.

If it's in your house, it counts.

twitchy666 10-18-2019 01:16 AM

bath, kitch, bed? a recep! best described as how many of each of those.. exactly 1 of each for me, so second option fits all commonly. my recep with kitch together.. so i went 1-3

blue2 10-18-2019 01:18 AM

13 Attachment(s)
9 plus hall & loft, is a hall a room ? is the loft/attic a room ?

Musicfan 10-18-2019 11:42 AM

12 including living rooms, dining and kitchen. I was in a mansion once that had like 13 bedrooms, plus kitchens and living rooms on all three levels.

zonebox 10-18-2019 01:01 PM

I miss having a basement :(

I have 8 rooms squeezed into 1100 sqft, that does not include closets which are all small or the attached garage. I do have an attic, but you have to crawl around in it to move, and there is no floor just fiberglass laid atop of the drywall ceiling. I also have an enclosed patio, that needs to be re-screened, and a bunch of bikes and junk that needs to be tossed out in it.

This is the image from google maps, it must have been taken in the winter, because the tree has no leaves on it and the lawn is dying. It is an ugly little home, but it's more or less mine after the mortgage is paid off. As you can see, I really don't put in any effort to spruce it up or make it look presentable.

Florida homes in general are ugly, they are almost all stucco, the same color as mine, and usually a single story, almost everything including businesses are a single story tall, and almost everything is covered in stucco usually the same color as well, it is so bland..

Silent Memory 10-20-2019 05:33 AM

14 if you count a walk in wardrobe and a dining room/kitchen that is open plan.

Noca 10-20-2019 04:18 PM

12 rooms if you don't include the garage.

AffinityWing 10-27-2019 04:27 PM

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 walk-in closets. There's also one large room that serves as a laundry room, pantry, entryway and storage of a bunch of old cables, files, medication, and etc. There's alot of stuff piled there over the years that I'm not sure why my mom just hasn't thrown out. It looks very dirty and hoarder-like, but inside of the cabinets and her and my stepdad's closet is the same way. ("Out of sight, out of mind" mentality I guess. :serious:)

EmotionlessThug 10-27-2019 08:39 PM


The NSA software engineers refuse to give me a home on Earth. Because I know too much about this digital existence.

millenniumman75 10-28-2019 08:31 AM

12 including bathrooms and a full basement.

Cletis 10-31-2019 05:02 PM

10 not counting the garage.

Sunshine Lady 10-31-2019 06:35 PM

Lets be real: If someone on the streets ask you how many rooms do you have you would more in likely say the amount of bedrooms.
I have 3 bedrooms.
Thread closed,

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