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View Poll Results: how many is too many?
0 ants, just the idea of ants is too much ants 4 21.05%
1 ant, actual ants are disgusting 4 21.05%
2 ants, the could mate and make more ants 2 10.53%
3 ants, one of the ants is the third wheel 1 5.26%
4 ants, they're probably friends having a picnic 1 5.26%
5 ants, a nuclear family rebeling against the queen 2 10.53%
6 ants, a squadron of ants 1 5.26%
7 ants, getting to be a lot of ants 1 5.26%
8 ants, the number of ants i just picked out of my bowl 0 0%
9 ants, something something 0 0%
10 ants, the perfect number of ants 1 5.26%
11 ants, ok 1 5.26%
12 ants 0 0%
13 ants, a bakers dozen 0 0%
14 ants, its getting to be too many 0 0%
15 ants, you can't tell if you've found them all 0 0%
16 ants, if you forget they're there then the problem is solved 0 0%
17 ants, its getting to be a problem 0 0%
18 ants, a lot of ants 0 0%
19 ants, now you're just eating ants 1 5.26%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

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Pesky Pessimist
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Originally Posted by Fever Dream View Post
True, but then nobody cares when you poison the ants.
And the latter?

What goes up, will inevitably come back down. Whoever you have to step on when you go up, you will be at their mercy when you go down.

The truth is strictly what the ones in power perceives it to be.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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Self isolating from self
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Originally Posted by Blue Dino View Post
And the latter?
Well... somebody might care.

Setup progress now at 100% capacity.
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Permanently tired
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With 19 ants, you could probably make some escamoles at that point.

"So many resources keep me alive
Yet I don't even step outside
So many sacrifices keep me alive
Yet I don't even bother to survive."

"If you think we waste too much then you can sacrifice yourself
Don't push your values
Push your values
Onto the crowd."

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Depends on the ant.

We used to have these big juicy ones for a couple of years when I was young. I ended up getting used to them, and didn't mind catching them with my hand, ew. you can get used to anything. (I 'accidentally' electrocuted one with a battery at one point. didn't think it would die tbh, was just playing around : / )

I think I've seen a couple of their queens too (brrrr)

Some are really scary, especially if they have stripes. I hate insects with stripes.

Also I think there are different versions of the big ones. Some are quite cute and orderly, they walk only in straight lines. I was used to those. Some colonies have more spidery looking ants though. These walk in random directions and it looks pretty creepy.

I don't like killing the little ones. They look pretty harmless. Also, their existence looks so futile. Looking at one walking across a room, I get all kinds of existential thoughts.

the truth may vary
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I chose 3 ants with one being the third wheel. Maybe cause I have SA and feel for the ant that's the third wheel. So it should just end there. We don't need no SA ants. 🙅*♂️
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no scary
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Bruh if any ant scurries across my **** I'm completely done. What the ****. Unless it's like a picnic arrangement I don't want anything to do with ants near my food.
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