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1-5 minutes, the end justify the means, rush rush 2 3.23%
5-10 minutes, I like it but am in a rush usually 14 22.58%
10-15 minutes, A form of meditation for me 28 45.16%
15-30 minutes, ok i might have a problem and the hydro bill is gon' be bad 18 29.03%
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How long are your showers?

For me showering is a peaceful, relaxing practise. I tend to extend the sessions to 30min sometimes. And no i don’t use it to do what you are probably thinking about. Take the captions with a grain of salt lel.
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My first shower is about 10mins long. My second shower about 20mins during the winter, 10-15mins rest of the seasons. If I take a third or fourth shower it's quick, around 10mins if that.


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I think theyíre about 10-15 minutes, but I donít leave the water on while Iím washing myself because it rinses the body wash away before I can use it properly.

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About 10-15 minutes. I like it hot but not too hot. Bearable. A steamy hot shower is refreshing for me. Sometimes after washing I just stand there and think. My mind wonder in the shower.
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5-10 minutes. I'm not usually in a rush, I just don't take very long. Back when I had long hair to shampoo and condition it took a lot longer. Now that I shave my head I'm in and out pretty fast.
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I'd say 5-10 minutes on days I only shave the pits and don't shampoo my hair. It's fast cause I only soap up the important areas. 15-20 minutes on days I shampoo/condition my hair and shave more than the pits. Rarely it will be over 30 minutes if I do the whole shebang- shaving the legs and exfoliation.

I shampoo my hair about 2-3 times a week or so.
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It seems like about 10-15 for me, depending. I like hot showers and sometimes I tend to daydream and take too long. I wash my hair and condition my beard about 3 times a week, because I worry about having a dirty beard, so that takes longer.

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The morning one is usually as long as time permits. I'll jump in and out after a workout in the evening.
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10-15 minutes.

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I bet most of the people in this thread would pee in a pool without a second thought. :*
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alien monk
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around 10 mins i'd guess. i'd like them to be quicker but after i'm done i go into a trance for like 5 mins and just stand there like a dope.

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5-10 minutes, no rush.
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Let me just put it to you this way. I shower so infrequently that I can afford to splurge when I do. If I don't stink or feel dirty, I don't shower for a few days. I don't sweat much so I don't stink.

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Around 5 minutes if I don't wash my hair which I only do every few days.
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bothers me how much soap / gel to use.

put it on every part, it just slides off!!!

ÉÉranticc pour, rub... white or colours.. how long it sticks on?

how much spend? 500ml... buy 10 or just one? how long a bottle lasts?

rinse time nice, but cannot see every limbs or parts areas. did it all just come off before spraying water jets??

i get a re-shower too often. when clean & dry, a humid environment, can seem stinky & sweaty straight after! Next. my theology: a shower not ultimate immortal fresh skin! time ticks. even immediate.. ready for sleep.. must just survive and make do.. sleep atop the duvet! wake to stink!!
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If it weren't for the propane bill (I need it hot), I'd probably take half hour or longer showers. But I try to keep it under 15 minutes.

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Since the bathroom was refurbished last year, there is finally a shower here. But I am far too used to baths, after decades. I like them hot and deep, and it probably takes about 15 minutes on average (not including waiting for the bath to fill).

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10-20 minutes, it depends really. If it's cold outside I usually shower longer than when it's warmer.

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Usually abt 10 mins. 5 if I'm rushing, could be 30+ if I'm doing "the works" lol washing hair, deep conditioning, shaving everywhere. Sometimes I brush my teeth in there. With all the singing breaks and reflecting on random **** it can take forever.

Miles to go before I sleep. Vale.

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