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Other therapist 1 3.13%
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Other 7 21.88%
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Helpfulness of doctors

Which doctor has been most helpful to you in treating your anxiety?

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I've had DO's, MD's that tried to understand my anxiety (and depression) (empathy) with few results in the long run, they would give me a script, if that didn't work, they were leary of trying something else, or mixing.

I met an awesome Psychiatrist, who has been most helpful to me, I learned more from him in an hour than I did a counselor in a year. I also finally have the right med cocktail (Knock on wood).

Did you run into a stumbling block?

Mental illness is what some have, not who they are.
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I just wondered what type of doctor had been most helpful to the member's here.

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I see a psychologist currently, and she has helped the most. I had a psychiatrist before, but all they do is give out meds.
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Other, since I'm not sure. I've never seen any sort of doctor for any real amount of time. Unless you count school psychologists and various teachers, which would probably fall under "other" if they were/are.
No one with the prefix "Dr." has helped me at all (that I know of)

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I regard doctors as largely useless and vastly overpaid roadblocks who stand between me and the meds I want.
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Almost every MD I've ever met was worthless.

I love my psychologist!
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Doctors don't even know who I am...They read my chart five minutes before they walk in the exam room...They have rooms of patients lined up, and spend 5 minutes in each room...They conduct fast-food medicine...I have met few doctors who weren't in it solely for the money, prestige, and power...The only thing that they care about the patient, is that the patient not sue them...And this comes from someone who has spent 18 years working in a hospital, and dealing with the doctors..You are infinitely better off being treated by a young Resident, who is still idealistic and cares about people...Doctors and Nurses are hardly the heroic, freedom fighters that they are depicted as in films and television...They are more akin to lawyers and news reporters...The best doctor is a well informed patient who does their own research...No doctor or nurse is going to care about you, as much as you yourself do...I remember a doctor in Boston, about a year ago, who left an elderly women on the operating table in the middle of surgery, so that he could go use an ATM machine and pay a bill...Generally, the more money you make and longer that you have worked in the health care setting, the less likely you are going to care about your patients...Be a knowledgeable consumer, do your own research, and find a fresh Resident to treat you...This is especially true in the mental health setting...
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I've seen a variety of professionals, and none of them really made a significant impact on my life. There was one, however, who was a little more helpful than the others, and he was a psychologist.
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My GP back home (i.e. in another country unfortunately!), who takes his time and listens to his patients. I was amazed to get a 20 minute consultation with him last year, after being fobbed off by pompous offhand doctors here who spend the entire 5 minute consultation behind their desks looking at their computer screen (why bother examining patients, let alone listening to what they have to say?).

I've come to the conclusion that the doctor most likely to help you is the one who takes his time and actually listens to you, doesn't talk over you, allows you to ask him questions without getting all superior and answers them to your satisfaction.

Originally Posted by WinterDave
Generally, the more money you make and longer that you have worked in the health care setting, the less likely you are going to care about your patients...
That was my experience recently, when I consulted a hospital specialist, who is supposedly a professor in his field. He talked over me, didn't ask me any questions about my symptoms, didn't listen to what I had to say, dismissed out-of-hand a confirmed diagnosis by another specialist, gave me a lecture about how a particular pill, which can have fatal side-effects, has "no side-effects": it was like talking to an old slightly senile person who has seen and done it all and can't give a stuff about what anyone else thinks. Oh, and he prescribed a pill that can actually cause the problem I consulted him about in the first place.
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