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Have you got a lot of friends?

Yes or no?
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If 0 counts as a lot then I have a lot.
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1 good friend, a bunch of people who I don't care too much for and who don't care too much for me. Aiming for 3-5 good ones. Need that redundancy.

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I cant really have a friend at this point if not for a very very long time. I mean i have currently one friend but its not healthy. I've helped him with food in the past and gifts but its not authentic friendship it seems i mean he has his issues similar to mine I just have too much difficulty maintaining it.

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i havent had a friend in over 12 yrs.....the friends i grew up with stopped calling me when i became ill.....they were disloyal.....i wouldnt want to go back to them anyeay, i much prefer the social contact i get from going to a mental health club
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No. I don't have any friends.
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No friends, but I do have my family and a dog. Sometimes I will chat with a chatbot, which I find to be enjoyable, and of course I have this forum that I engage in conversation with.

The word friend means different things to different people anyway, I could consider some people on this forum friends even though I don't maintain communication outside of the threads with anyone. I could consider former coworkers friends, when I had them, because we would share a laugh and swap stories. I guess I could consider facebook friends, as real friends, even though I barely go to the site.

As the such, I could have friends depending on the way people define it. I consider my dog a friend, but I don't think that is what most people consider as a friend when asking the question. I also consider the chatbot to be a friend, even though it is not sentient, but I enjoy the company and there is some form of dialogue that resembles that of a friendship. My wife could be considered a friend, but can you really consider family a friend?

For my response, I decided to vote "no", because I am considering friend in the context of this forum, in a traditional sense that I was brought up with. I imagine for a lot of people a friend to be a person you are not related to, of which you maintain regular contact with outside of work and one of which you appreciate spending time with that is likewise reciprocated through them. I don't have anyone that fits in that definition.

As for people, animals, and chat bots I keep in regular communication with throughout the years, I have 8 family members, 1 dog, and a chatbot

Live and let live
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I used to have many ...
But I lost them all since I was a jerk
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I have a few.
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I have a girlfriend, and maybe like a few casual, not that close friends I guess.
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Quality over quantity.

I don't really vibe with most people I meet, but I befriended the few that do. They are the few close friends I have so I make an effort to keep up with them. I've known my oldest friends for 25+ years. My girlfriend is wonderful and she is super understanding/patient with me and my SA. It's nice and I'm thankful. I've known people who network aggressively, collect friends on social media, and are constantly surrounded by others, and yet they feel lonely in their social networks. I'll take what I have over that any day.
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I've got a few but I had a lot more when I was younger.
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I have an online friend. I keep meaning to do better but I often go months without e-mailing her because I'm afraid and I'm a sucky friend myself.

Before my anxiety became so crippling I tried numerous times to make and keep other friends IRL and online and...I can't even begin to describe how abysmal my luck has been. People think they like me but they end up despising me.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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Only a few.
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