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Have you ever told your parents or someone close to you about your social anxiety?

I am thinking of telling my parents about my social anxiety, because it has really gotten worse now that I'm working. I just want to find out how your experience has been in telling those close to you about social anxiety, what was their response?
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I finally told my mom and uncle about what I sometimes felt and was going through a couple months ago. It had gotten bad and I could feel myself slipping back on to a dangerous path and I had to tell someone. They were both supportive and were thankful I came to them. Up to that point, I never before mentioned what I feel on the inside to anyone outside the internet. They haven't really mentioned it or made a big deal out of it since. The only time it ever really comes up is when they ask me "are you good?" If you have a good support system, tell them if you're comfortable doing so.

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Yes, however, I don't think they understand very well. My dad in particular has a pull yourself up from your bootstraps mentality about mental health and it wears down on me, so I don't really bring it up often. I think my mom kind of understands, but she doesn't seem to notice the full extent to which SA effects my life and the kind of things I struggle with on a day to day basis.

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I never told them. They wouldn't understand and say that I'm just pretending or overreacting.

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My father is long dead & my mother has probably at least 3 mental disorders going on that she's in extreme denial about, flogging a dead horse

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yes told parents when I was a 18 I guess. they were resistant but they organised therapy etc for me.

friends yes, they all know to varying degrees I guess.

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It was obvious when I was a teen it was so severe. My school counselor called my parents.
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My parents knew about it. I've told a few others. Mostly I keep it to myself.
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