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Have you ever spent over $100 on a clothing/fashion item?

Yes or no.
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Besides my leather coat and shoes I've never spent over 100$ for an individual clothing/fashion item, combined items yes.
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Once on dress for a special occasion and another on a pair of shoes that everyone said we're super durable. The scraped off looking bit on those shoes begs to differ. They're also really annoying to take on and off.
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Many times for coats, sweaters, shoes, dress pants and nice shirts. Even good work boots are well over $100.
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I've spent ridiculous amounts of money on just about everything - especially when I was manic. Hard to recall actual amounts for clothes - but I remember buying a lot of stuff I liked in a shop in Paris - I just said I'll have that , and that and that. Would have been a grand or two.
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very often thereabouts i think?
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Often. Clothing and jewelry.

$100 is barely anything. A good piece that is well-designed and lasts more than a few washes is easily several times that.
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Certainly not. I think the most I ever spent on a clothing item was ~$30 on a pair of shoes once. Probably never spent more than $10 on a shirt or $20 on pants.

The notion that expensive clothes last enough longer to be worth it doesn't hold up. Cheap stuff will last a good decade and by then you may be a different size.

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76? Yeah as a teenager.

I think the cheapest clothing I bought was a 2 black tank top from etsy that someone had drawn weird creepy design on with white dye. The first one had some poem that was written in another language and crows and a skeleton, was cool but it came off in the first wash so I mentioned that in the review, they sent me another top but that one faded as well I think. The second one was kind of hilarious I think it was like someone dragging a dead body with some funny message on (I mean only funny to me with my dark sense of humour I forget what it was now and can't be bothered digging it out.) I ended up using them as pj tops. I can't complain because a plain black tank top is worth more than that anyway but I liked the designs.

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why would you buy it if less than 100USD?

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On boots/shoes, yes. Ugg boots are like, essential to my climate in the bitter North. I'd spend up to that much for a leather jacket maybe.
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Yes I have...several times in fact. I have a thing for designer handbags.
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I try not to spend $100 on any article of clothing, but sometimes I have to. Usually for boots.

once I spent $700 on a tailor-made 3 piece suit. That was a one-off gift from me to me

Sometimes I wish I were one of those folk that are able to buy $200 neckties.

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I spent over 100 dollars in clothes at Walmart.com during Black Friday.

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Suit for a cousins wedding, prescription sunglasses.

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I do spend more on some clothing. It's not easy to get high quality items for a low price. It's got more difficult in the recent years as high street retailers (and even some pretty expensive brands) expanded their use of acrylic, polyester and other synthetic materials. Some people pay well upwards of $200 for a sweater that's not even made of natural fibres. It's ridiculous. And it's not the fault of the people, many just are not familiar with what good fabrics and good garment construction look like. I wasn't either and I'm still learning a lot.

I'm about to buy a pair of trousers that might be over $100 but I haven't bought any clothing this year. My budget for an item of clothing is up to 150 and I save for it. When I couldn't spend such money on clothing, I wore pretty much only second hand items.

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Hell no! I have yet to come across any clothing item that justifies that price, and as for fashion, I have none.

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A lot of my shoes were about $100, but I can only remember paying that much for clothes once or twice. I dont count sunglasses because they are prescription.

My clothes always last a long time even though they were under $100, and Ive never had holes in my jeans or socks.

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Don't think I've ever found shoes/boots that fit that were less than $100. I'd spend less on them if I could. Never spent over $100 on anything else. I think my winter coat was over $100, but my parents bought me that like 20 years ago.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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