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Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

Yes or no?
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I had an imaginary basketball league, our stadium was the dining room where I had one of those toy goals with a plastic ball and it got to the point where I was opening doors for my team or waiting 5 minutes for the floor to dry after one of the players bled (there was some WWE-style drama at times). I realized I was taking it a bit too far and decided to retire from the Little Basketball League.

iirc in Thomas Merton's autobiography he talks about having an imaginary dog as a kid and was reluctant to cross the street with his mom because of it, and it was nice to learn I wasn't the only one who got a little too invested in my imagination like that.
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Yes, and I still do. It's the same imaginary friend I've had since I was 9 (he's since gotten older with me).
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I wanted one. Guess my imagination sucks
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No I remember wanting one though. Apparently my aunt (mum's sister) had one as a child but one of their brother's chucked him out of a car window and she was really upset about that.

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I pretended to have a few when I was little since I thought it was expected of me, but I never believed they were actually there. I've never had the ability to believe in imaginary friends, sadly enough.

I've...had something going in adulthood that I can't quite explain, though. I don't consider it an imaginary friend. I just started thinking over what it would have been like for the native people who lived here before the Europeans. I know the area my house is now in was once the bottom of a glacial lake; remnants of that lake are still nearby. And I once had a dream that a Mide (medicine) lodge stood where our house is, way back before we were here. That seemed significant. I wondered if maybe native peoples once camped on the shore of the shrinking lake in what would've been the area of our front yard now. And over time this daydream morphed into me thinking about one particular native guy, likely Anishinaabe (Odawa or Ojibwa), living in this area and then I wondered what it would be like if while I'm daydreaming about him, he's sort of existing in his own time, and yet can see into my time as well, and he wonders who this white woman is existing in the same space in this weird lodge. Maybe to him I'm the imaginary character he's daydreaming about. Anyway, this guy pops into my thoughts from time to time, especially when I'm feeling ill; the last time I remember this happening was when I had a bad UTI last year and was sitting in my room late at night, doing very poorly (I thought it was a flu), and I imagined this man hovering around nearby watching over me.

I decided not to try deliberately summoning up his image whenever I feel like it, just let him come whenever he comes, so I haven't "sensed" him since then, that I can recall. Kind of bummed. It's nice to think of him being around, and discouraging that the only reason he might have come around was because I was willing it to happen. Kind of hoped it was something he was doing himself.

Anyway, I wouldn't consider that an "imaginary friend" but then again I don't know what it'd be called, aside from me sounding psychotic.

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I made one up and pretended I could see them, even though I never believed they were real. Her name was Miss Spotty, and she wore red with white spots. Maybe I was imagining the future version of myself, because she was about the age I am now, and I wear spots a lot.

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I have not.

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No, but one of my brothers did, he was real sick as a baby, nearly died & I think he picked up a concerned ghost who tagged along for a while.

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I know I had one when I was a kid because my parents have mentioned it from time to time. But I don't remember it at all. I don't remember most of my childhood, or at least not any of the details. I have a vivid imagination but a poor long-term memory.

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Not imaginary friends per se, but Im always having imaginary social situations and I have quite meaningful conversations with multiple persons (which are mostly ones that I know/knew). So maybe it's just maladaptive daydreaming Idk.
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No. I thought of the idea, but I never imagine having one will ever help me during loneliness. Although I am aware it is a common coping mechanism that works for many.

But thinking of it more, I've had pets steadily growing up, so in many ways, they kind of take the role of an imaginary friend as I would talk to them sometimes when younger. But given they do indeed exist, they aren't necessarily imaginary now aren't they?

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all the real ones

don't exist! Nothing lasts!

they turn their back whenever. Entire life on nutshell. School til grave.

employers, girlfriends don't last

all fake. not real enuff!

all pretence about liking a person. sure i condemned from scratch zero!

University students close. living together. common interests

now at 43?? all been student accommodation level for decades. food, fridge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. after halls... houses, how apartment. hate the noisy neighbours.

wolrseafter graduation. everyone goes such random directions & reasons.. me! apprenticeship. guidance. all falls apart!

some colleagues in offices.

perks, too short..
Old friends! in same area of Uni, but most gone international.
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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
No, but one of my brothers did, he was real sick as a baby, nearly died & I think he picked up a concerned ghost who tagged along for a while.
omg i feel unreasonably happy. like, how adorable is that :3

no, i feel like either s/he's there or s/he isn't. i don't think imaginary friends are 'made up' really.
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Yes. I still have conversations with my imaginary friend. It helps cause I have no friend so I pretend like someone is there to listen to me. I dont care if it's odd and I don't think its unhealthy, either. For some reason, my imaginary friend is male instead of female. Not sure why but that's what I decided to choose.
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even in my fantasies I dont imagine having a friend lol

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Not really, but I have written little stories where one of the characters is kind of my ideal version of a friend as a bit of a coping mechanism.

Not sure if that's more or less sad.
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Yes. A guy named Filip.
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